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As the world remains on the brink of war with North Korea, 12,000 U.S. troops were just deployed to the Korean Peninsula.

Hundreds of aircraft and thousands of soldiers converged in the region for a joint drill with South Korea in preparation for a full-scale war with the North. According to the Daily Star, the drill is the largest ever of its kind, and it comes as tensions between President Trump and Kim Jung Un reach fever pitch following Un’s most recent rocket launch.

Vigilant Ace – a massive joint war games – kicks off today as the US and South Korea rehearse for battle with Pyongyang.

Hundreds of aircraft and thousands of soldiers and airmen are taking part in the drill, which is one of the biggest ever of its kind.

US and South Korean forces will be rehearsing for a full-scale war with North Korea.

Nuclear fears have reignited as Kim fired his latest missile last week – his biggest and most powerful yet, the Hwasong-15.

And there now fears Kim could be readying the dreaded Juche Bird, his most shocking weapons test to date.

US President Donald Trump will be looking to flex his muscles as he dispatches his most deadly fighter planes to ready for war in Vigilant Ace.

“Vigilant Ace 18 highlights the longstanding military partnership, commitment and enduring friendship between two nations,” the US military said.

Included in the drill will be 12,000 U.S troops along with 230 American warplanes, of which there will be dozens of F-22 Raptors and F-35 Lightning Bolts, two of the military’s most feared fighter jets, both capable of reaching speeds of well over 1,000 mph and carrying devastating payloads. The American forces will be joined by at least 4,000 South Korean troops, and the joint exercise will last from now until Dec. 8.

The news comes as South Korea is preparing a special warfare team to take out Jung Un if the two countries end up at war again.

From The Western Journal:

Should war break out on the peninsula, an elite South Korean special operations force may be dispatched to take out Kim Jong Un, according to South Korean media.

South Korea’s Special Warfare Command established a “decapitation unit” Friday to eliminate the North Korean leadership, should a conflict again arise.

The new unit is modeled after the U.S. Army Rangers, Delta Force, SEAL Team Six and the Green Berets, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily.

Meanwhile, President Trump has repeatedly warned ‘Lil Kim not to test America’s resolve under his leadership, and that if he does, we’ll bring “fire and fury” upon his country the likes of which haven’t ever been seen in the world.

Hopefully, a diplomatic solution is able to be found with North Korea. However, should the need arise to take military action, we should be grateful we have a leader willing to do what’s necessary to win.

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