JUST IN: At Least 13 ARRESTED In ANTI-AMERICAN Event In This State – Here’s What We Know


Thousands of paid leftist ‘protesters’ took to the streets of America to demand President Trump release his full IRS returns which is ridiculous because most of these liberal lunatics don’t pay taxes. 

While many of the protests were fairly uneventful, some turned violent. The Antifa- paid scumbags who haven’t got a clue as to what the f they are doing.


The premise of the organized protests was to pressure Trump to release his tax documents and to help Trump opponents stake out their position ahead of the president’s pending tax reform plan.

“Today, across American we are taking the gloves off to say it’s time to knock off the tax rip-off,” Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden told a crowd of several hundred people gathered at the base of Capitol Hill.

Lol. What a filthy democrat pile of garbage.

“No more Cayman Islands tax breaks … no more Wall Street tax breaks,” he roared before the crowd marched several miles to the National Mall. “It’s time to knock off the secrecy Mr. President and release your own tax returns.”


No, it’s actually time for Al Sharpton and George Soros to PAY THE FREAKING BACK TAXES YOU BRAIN DEAD, LIBERAL DIRTBAG! 

Thirteen people were reportedly arrested when Trump protesters clashed with supporters in Berkley, Calif.

Several fights broke out and police in riot gear purportedly had to use pepper spray to subdue the crowd and confiscate fireworks that were set off at the event, according to The Mercury News.

Trump supporters were reportedly holding a free speech rally in a downtown park when they were met by opponents of the president and his policies, according to the newspaper.

Check it out. In this video independent journalist Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange takes you inside the Berkley riot as Antifa and pro free speech activists faced off against each other. As the police stood down and ran away from the scene, pro free speech protesters decided to start fighting back against Antifa.


Fox News reports that about 150 protests were held across the county, largely organized by the group TaxMarch.org, whose executive committee includes a former Occupy Wall Street protester.

“Their whole message is they want to see the president’s tax returns. I care far more about his policy than his tax returns,” Trevor Dierdorff, El Paso County Republican Party chairman, told the Colorado Springs Gazette, ahead of a pro-Trump event there Saturday.

Two of the largest events were in Seattle, site of the World Trade Organization protests of the 1990s. In addition to the expected 25,000 marching in “Tax March Seattle,” as many as 7,000 Black Lives Matter activists were rumored to come out for their own rally focusing on Trump’s tax returns.

Black Lives Matter protesting Trump’s taxes? LMAO- give me a break already! 

Other events were held in Chicago, Florida and New York City.

Trump was met by protesters in south Florida, going from his golf club to his Mar-a-Lago resort home, as hundreds of people along his motorcade’s path demanded that he release his returns.

“Pay your taxes,” several people, including some holding signs, yelled as they marched toward Mar-a-Lago.

One sign read, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar, Putin Put You Where You Are,” further making clear that Trump critics think his returns will finally reveal conclusive ties to the Kremlin, as they suspect.

Others helping organize events Saturday included labor unions and activist groups such as MoveOn.org and Common Cause.

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And of course you all remember when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow recently aired a leaked copy of part of an old Trump tax return.

Talk about a complete flop of a report. The files showed Trump paid $38 million in federal income tax in 2005 on more than $150 million. The effective rate of 25 percent was higher than the rate paid by former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

So, screw these useless leftist parasites.

Stay at home and smoke your crack- stay off the streets you filthy a holes.

Don’t worry, your welfare checks are in the mail.

God Bless.

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