13 Things ‘Muslims Will Ban’ When They Take Power: Islamic Radical’s Tweet Goes Viral…

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British Muslim and full blown scumbag, Anjem Choudary, the founder of the radical terrorist group Islam4UK  just posted a list of 13 things that Islam would ban immediately if Sharia Law became the law of the land.

LMAO DUDE! Dream on you POS!

Obama has destroyed America.

Brain-dead liberals elected a Muslim to lead America. Look where we are today. It’s actually insane.

Here is what Obama’s brother wants to do. This guy is insane.

I say, go to hell you pile of garbage.



Let’s break down his list, shall we?

  • Alcohol Yeah bro, THAT will never happen.
  • Pork – Again, only in your Muslim dreams. We eat BACON bitch!
  • Gambling – Why?
  • Porn – Tell that to Osama Bin Laden!
  • Usary – While I agree that it sucks, you can’t ban it bro.
  • Promiscuity – LOL!
  • Freemixing – Not sure what you mean bro, smoking Hashish much?
  • Gays – Naw, let them run free, just keep it indoors would ya? Children don’t need to see that sort of thing.
  • Cinemas – Alright, now you’ve lost me. What could you possibly have against going out and watching a good flick? Popcorn and soda? It doesn’t get any better, dude you are a bump on a Muslim log.
  • Idolatry – You mean like the murderous pedophile you IDOLIZE?
  • Insurance – You can come up with something better than that.
  • Stocks/Shares–Stock Market – Money talks, bullsh*t walks babe.
  • Insulting the Prophet – LMAO! Mohammad sucks.  
  • Reading AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTER articles – LMAO! I threw that one in lol!

Anjem Choudary is nothing more than a complete scumbag. You’ve all seen him on Hannity and we have done articles on him. He is a completely irrelevant Muslim hack that needs to be in prison. Screw this D Bag and screw Mohammad. 


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