HOLY HELL! 1993 Clinton Letter To Jeff Sessions SURFACES- What It Says Has Media In PANIC MODE

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The liberal media and their sheeple are going insane over President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions asking for the resignations of 46 Obama appointed U.S. attorneys. I mean, these lunatics are about to start a civil war over this but the reality of the situation is that it is commonplace for incoming administrations to clean house and put its own appointees in seats of power.

But the hatred from the left and the media towards Trump has caused these lunatics to lose their minds and freak out like a mob of freaks.

Look, Obama did the same damn thing. Why? Because he had a different agenda than George W. Bush. Why would he leave Bush appointees in when he could appoint left wing radicals that supported Hussein’s mission?

And check this little factoid out.

In March 1993, Janet Reno began her tenure as President Bill Clinton’s attorney general by summarily firing United States attorneys for 93 of the 94 federal districts.

That’s more than twice the amount that Sessions gave the pink slip to.

Our friends at The Federalist Papers dug up this 1993 letter from former President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, to then-Attorney Jeff Sessions.

Again, this was in the first year of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Yes, the Department of Justice just fired 46 US attorneys, and the media would have you believe that this is an outrage, unlike any other.

It’s become customary to treat Trump’s presidency as though everything he does is unique to him alone. Painting that sort of picture allows anger to foster in those who don’t remember the past.

Take a look at this CNN tweet:

Where was the outrage then?

Like I said, this is common practice. Trump did EXACTLY what Clinton did and all hell breaks loose. It’s seriously unbelievable.

Screw every liberal on the planet.

God Bless.

(h/t The Federalist Papers)

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