2 Dirtbag Black Muslims Violently ATTACK COP, Sent Him To Hospital, For Touching Their Filthy Quran

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – On June 4, 2021, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) law enforcement deputies responded to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility about a deputy being attacked by two inmates.

Jail surveillance footage captured the events leading up to the attack. The footage shows a Detention Deputy speaking to two inmates, Carlos Dupree and Marion Gavins, in the jail vestibule. Dupree and Gavins were being prepared for a meeting and requested to bring their prayer items along with them. After receiving approval for the prayer items to come with them the Detention Deputy began to search through them as he was instructed to do so for safety reasons. It is well known in the Detention field that inmates attempt to hide contraband and weapons inside hollowed out books. The search of these items is to prevent an escape attempt and for the safety of the deputies, other inmates and the people inmates may be meeting.


The surveillance footage then shows the Detention Deputy search Gavins items without issue and then attempt to search Dupree’s.

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Dupree is seen on camera stating to the Detention Deputy that he would not allow him to search his Quran. The Detention Deputy tells Dupree that he needs to search the Quran for him to bring it with him. The Detention Deputy then attempts to reach for it. At this time, Dupree, with his free hand violently shoves the Detention Deputy away from him. The Detention Deputy attempts to detain Dupree when inmate Gavins then approaches from the Deputy’s right side and violently shoves the Deputy into the wall.


From there, inmates Dupree and Gavins both begin violently attacking the Detention Deputy. Security footage shows inmates Dupree and Gavins repeatedly punching the Detention Deputy in the head until he loses consciousness and is unable to defend himself. Later when asked about the incident at the hospital, the Detention Deputy told law enforcement deputies that during the attack, he attempted numerous times to reach for his radio, but due to the continuous, violent blows to his head and back his radio became unsecured, rendering him unable to call for emergency assistance.

Detention Deputy Meyer heard the attack taking place and was able to render assistance and place in Dupree and Gavins into secured custody. However, even with Deputy Meyer’s assistance Gavins continued to resist the deputies and continued striking the Detention Deputy in his back and the right side of his head with his closed fist. FCSO law enforcement deputies watched video footage capturing the attack on the Detention Deputy in slow motion revealing approximately 25 successful punches to the Detention Deputy’s face and back.


The Detention Deputy was transported to Advent Health Palm Coast with head and back pain along with lacerations to his head, back, and forearm sustained from inmates Dupree and Gavins attack. At this time, it is suspected the Detention Deputy may have sustained a concussion from the attack and was undergoing numerous medical tests. The Detention Deputy was later released from the hospital to recover at home.

Inmate Dupree has been in jail since December of 2020 for the role he played in a home invasion robbery where he was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, False Imprisonment, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Home Invasion with a Firearm, Wearing a Mask While Committing a Felony, and Resisting without Violence. Gavins was arrested in May of 2019 after shooting and killing 18-year-old Curtis Gray outside of the ‘Blaze N’ Flame Smoke Shop’ in Palm Coast. He was charged with First Degree Murder.

“These are serious and violent offenders who attacked my Deputy and I thank God he was not more seriously injured than he was,” said Sheriff Staly. “Every member of the Sheriff’s Office is a vital part of this organization and I will not tolerate anyone attacking them. Our deputies on the road go out and arrest criminals everyday but it’s our dedicated Detention Deputy’s that have to deal with them day in and day out knowing they could be attacked by an inmate anytime. I commend Detention Deputy Myers for quickly coming to the aid of his fellow Deputy. It is rare that we have an issue like this in our jail but the Detention Deputy that was attacked did nothing wrong, was following standard operating procedures, was treating these inmates with respect and had every right to search the inmate’s personal effects for contraband. These two dirtbags are both in jail because they have no regard for the law, human life and don’t think twice about using violence. I am also thankful the Judges have kept both these violent offenders behind bars where they belong and not out in our community. I will also be talking with our State Attorney to ensure they are both prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I hope the judge puts them away for a very long time. No plea bargains, go to prison!”

At this time, Dupree and Gavins are both being additionally charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and depriving an officer of means of protection or communication.



Our best wishes go out to the officer and pray for a speedy recovery from the violent assault from these 2 Muslim bastards.


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