23-Year-Old White Woman BRUTALLY Murdered- Here’s Why The Media Is SILENT


Three black/Muslim/Mexican thugs, including a 16-year-old boy, were arrested Tuesday in the murder of a white 23-year-old Alabama mother who was found dead on the side on the road Monday.

Tuscaloosa County officials said Koran Rashad Lewis, 23,(BLACK MUSLIM) Kendrick Ky’Andre Marshall, 16, (BLACK) and Vida Milagros Confetti, 20, (BLACK OR MEXICAN) were charged with the murder of Jennifer Nevin, whose unconcealed body was found by a worker checking a gas well nearby, Fox reports.


The two men were detained on $150,000 bonds and the woman is being held on a $100,000 bond.

“We developed some leads last night, worked on them all day today,” Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit Capt. Gary Hood told the Tuscaloosa News. “We interviewed multiple people, several witnesses. We were able to develop a timeline and recreate the last days of Miss Nevin’s life.”

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately return requests for comment.

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Nevin was last seen Friday after picking up her 5-year-old son and dropping him off with her mother.


Why did she dump off her kid? She’s a drug addict.

Nevin’s brother told the Tuscaloosa News his sister struggled with substance abuse for many years and believes her death may have been related to blacks and Mexican trash with whom she was associating.

“She had just developed the wrong circle of friends, the types of friends who weren’t looking to take care of or look out for her,” Will Nevin said Monday. “We tried. We tried so hard, and it wasn’t enough.”

Look. If you are white then don’t even go close to these mother fu****rs. They hate whites. They will rape you and kill you. They are completely uncivilized savages.

He told AL.com: “There are a lot of people to blame for her death and I would say that it’s a societal problem. We don’t care for the people in pain like we should. We don’t take care of those with substance abuse and mental health like we should because it’s not a pain we can see. These people just sort of fall through the cracks.”

Yeah, whatever. She was murdered by drug addicted racist minorities that have absolutely no place here in America.

Authorities have not revealed the events leading up to Nevin’s death, or how she was killed.

“We don’t want to say right now. The investigation is still actively ongoing,” Hood said. “We’re still pursuing leads and looking for other subjects to interview. There are possibly others who could be charged as well.”

“We had hoped that her story would have a better end, but we know she had her problems,” Will Nevin said. “We tried and tried to get the help she needed, but we didn’t get it in time.”

Again, these savages want to kill whites.

Thanks Obama, you filthy black Marxist Muslim pile of racist excrement.

F this shit. It’s time for a full blown revolution.

We didn’t build America just to have it shit on by inferior primates.

Racist trash.

God Bless.

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