BREAKING: Look Who Just Admitted “3rd WORLD WAR Is Knocking On The DOOR” [W VIDEO]


Many of us have been warning Americans that Joe Biden’s reckless actions when it comes to what he says and what he does regarding the Ukraine/Russia conflict which we are funding and prolonging in so many ways could lead us into WWIII.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan showed our enemies as well as our allies that Biden is completely incompetent and weak.

He is not a leader that can be counted on unless you have dirt on him, his crackhead son and the rest of the Biden Crime Family.

Why do you think he is constantly giving BILLIONS of dollars in cash and military equipment to Ukraine which is a corrupt country?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned that “a third world war is knocking on the door.”

Orbán said that the Biden administration massively misunderstands Russia, and attempting to remove the country’s president, Vladimir Putin could lead to dangerous instability.


In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Orban discussed the U.S./Russia tensions and the misinformation being spread by mainstream media.

“It is not just a misunderstanding, it is a lie,” Orban stated when asked about the fact that American media continue to claim that ‘Ukraine is winning’ the war. According to a report by ZeroHedge, he added: To understand the Russians it’s a difficult thing, especially if you have an ocean between you and Russia.”

“Don’t misunderstand the Russians. So they’re not going to get sick of Putin and throw him out, come on, it’s a joke.”

He criticizes Vice President Kamala Harris for suggesting that Ukraine could join NATO, saying it was an unrealistic proposal that escalated tensions.

Instead, the Hungarian PM urges a new security architecture that respects Ukraine’s sovereignty but doesn’t include NATO membership. –ZeroHedge

Carlson asked Orbán, “Are you worried about being crushed by the US..?”

“It’s dangerous,” replies the Hungarian PM, recognizing that “I am not the favorite politician of the liberals, but nobody’s perfect. There are certain things that are more important than me, than my ego: family, nation, God.”

Orban further added: “To be Hungarian is to be very proud of it.”

“We love the nation, we love the country, and we are proud of it.”

“It’s not every much mainstream thinking, political thinking of a Western society.”

“But in Hungary, we are still very patriotic and Christian and committed to those values. Not from an ideological level, but on the streets every day.”

The Hungarian approach is simple, Orban explains according to ZeroHedge, “Washington is far away, Russia and Ukraine are close,” noting that decisions made in the US can have immediate impacts for his nation.”

Orban then goes on to say that former president Donald Trump is the savior the world is looking for.

I agree.

I get the feeling the Hungarian PM isn’t a Joe Biden fan!

Check it out:

“Ep. 20 Hungary shares a border with Ukraine. We traveled to Budapest to speak with the country’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán.”

If the election hadn’t been rigged by the SWAMP and DEEP STATE we wouldn’t be talking about this.

But it was RIGGED and we are screwed.

If Biden beats Trump in the upcoming election then I’m afraid that the Hungarian Prime Minister’s prediction could happen.

God Bless.


Mac Slavo at SHTFplan



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