BREAKING: Almost 4000 Shot, 700 DEAD…

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Heavily gun-controlled Chicago is quickly approaching 4,000 shooting victims for 2016.

Last year the number of shooting victims was 2,988.

3,871 shootings took place in Chicago from January 1, 2016, to November 14, 2016, according to the Chicago Tribune. That figure includes both fatalities and non-fatalities.

The number of fatalities year-to-date sits at 674. So approximately 1 in 6 shootings results in a fatality.

In 2015 the number of fatalities was quite lower- 492.

AWR HAWKINS at Breitbart News previously reported that August 2016 was the deadliest August Chicago has witnessed in 20 years. ABC News reported “472 total shooting victims” and 90 fatalities for that month alone. August came on the heels of July 2016, which was the deadliest July the city had seen in a decade.

Things were so bad that by September 1, ABC News reported that there were “nearly 12 shooting victims” a day from January 1 through the end of August.

The Democrats in Chicago and the state of Illinois are pushing to squash this mayhem with more gun laws and regulations. One Chicago leader is pressing for a “declaration of a state of emergency” for the city, and state Representative Sonya Harper (D-6th) wants to require serial numbers on every bullet and bullet casing.

Harper told Fox 32, “We just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting into the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder on our streets.” She did not address that attempts at ballistic fingerprinting have repeatedly failed to solve crime when implemented in other cities, nor did she mention that such regulations drive up the prices law-abiding citizens have to pay for ammunition.

These morons haven’t got a clue.

Liberals- who needs them?


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