BOOM: 6 Reasons Hillary Clinton’s Nomination Was NOT LEGITIMATE- Liberals Heads Are EXPLODING


With all of the liberal snowflakes temper tantrums regarding Donald Trump’s epic election to the presidency, many of the sore losers continue to claim that his election was by “fraud” and that Trump’s presidency is, in fact, illegitimate. They have done everything from claim voter and election fraud to demanding a recount in their gymnastics to find a way where Hillary actually wins the presidency.

What these idiots fail to realize is that Hillary should never have even been allowed to run for president.  Her very nomination was obtained by fraudulent means.  Democrats would do themselves and the nation a favor if they consider their own faults — including the top-to-bottom corruption in their own party and political strategy.


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Consider the following –

1. The Democrats’ rigged primary: The obvious truth of the rigged primary was revealed by WikiLeaks. Democratic party key leaders CHOSE and promoted Hillary, not the party’s voters. She was chosen before the primary ever began, never even allowing her rival Bernie Sanders a chance despite his obvious popularity among constituents.  If anyone has a right to be furious, it’s the Sanders supporters as the Democrats truly proved that the will of their voters meant nothing to them, and Sanders played along with it. The primary campaign was little more than a farce designed to force voters to accept Hillary.

While Democrats wail and gnash their teeth about Russian hackers, they conveniently forget about the ACTUAL content of the leaked DNC emails.  One of the more notorious claims came from Donna Brazile, who was later revealed to be directly involved in fixing the primary debates with leaked debate questions to Hillary, but not to Sanders, prior to the debate.


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2. The Democrat superdelegate system: Then there is that whole crazy superdelegate system specifically designed to shut down insurgencies.  This does little more that make the interests of Democrat voters secondary to the judgment of party elites, allowing the powerful lobbyists who manipulate them to have more control than the American people. Hillary was CHOSEN by special-interest donors who spent a fortune currying favor with her.  This was never more obviously demonstrated than by the instantaneous collapse of the Clinton “charities” under the umbrella of the Clinton Foundation, closing their doors the instant the Clintons had no more favors to sell.


3. The Democrat money machine: Building a titanic campaign war chest was the paramount concern of the Democrats in 2016, because they thought it — and their media allies — would give them an unbreakable headlock over the public debate. So Joe Biden was told he could not afford to get into the race. Same for Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who barely raised enough cash to pay for a Philly cheese sandwich. Their financial kneecapping allowed Hillary to suck up hundreds of millions in campaign cash, sometimes in legally questionable ways, even as she railed against the influence of money in politics, according to Breitbart News.

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4. The media was complicit and very much a part of Hillary’s Campaign: It’s clear the mainstream media downplayed the actual contents of the Wikileaks emails enough to keep most voters in the dark. Many alternative news outlets did everything in their power to make sure the content and information was available but that’s nothing compared to the influence wielded by the establishment media when it attempts to control the “narrative” blaming Hillary’s loss on Russian spies using WikiLeaks to influence the election, when clearly nothing could be further from the case.

They also played actively participated in the rigged primary scandal.  Those leaked emails from the DNC and Clinton campaign chief John Podesta reflected very, very poorly on the press.  There was no acceptable reason for the illicit behind-the-scenes coordination between Hillary and her campaign and the media themselves.

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5. The law was bent and broken to keep Clinton in the game: If this election showed nothing else, it showed that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party felt that the law did not and does not apply to them.  Democrat voters should have questioned the legitimacy of Hillary’s nomination from the state.  The rule of law was corrupted to preserve her political viability. She should have ceased to be eligible when the email server story broke, therefore ending her candidacy.

Long before the wild tale of Russian hackers, Democrats were screaming about FBI Director James Comey sabotaging Hillary’s erstwhile shot at the presidency by deeming her actions “extremely careless” and then announcing no charges would be recommended, not once, but twice. As is typical of the Democrats, they complain that Hillary was sabotaged because people actually told the truth about her actions. Essentially stating that Hillary could only win if damaging facts were concealed, false media narratives were perpetuated, and special exemptions from the law were granted to her. That sure sounds like illegitimate candidacy to me!

6. Democrats try to hack the electorate: Then there is the strategy Democrats are known for in relying heavily on immigration in the efforts to create a voting block.  Before Hillary’s epic loss, there were liberal analysts were beginning to make claims of an “Emerging Democratic Majority” writing pieces about how native-born GOP voters would never win a national election again. This is the very reason why liberals are having an utter hissy fit when it comes to the Electoral College because it makes it that much harder for them to hack the presidential vote with mass immigration.  Remind a liberal of that next time they spout off with that, “Hillary won the popular vote” nonsense!

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According to JOHN HAYWARD  at Breitbart News

That observation also lies behind the Democrats’ decision to downplay the economic concerns of struggling Americans, and to largely ignore the distastefully un-diverse electorates of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in favor of outreach to immigrants, racial subgroups, gays, professionals, unmarried women, and other element of the hoped-for ‘Emerging Democratic Majority.’ If Democrats didn’t believe they had a reserve army of immigrant voters for Hillary, they might have nominated Biden or Sanders to instead win ordinary Americans to their side. Amusingly, if those immigrants didn’t exist, American voters’ incomes would be higher — and fewer would have been angry enough to shift their votes to the GOP’s candidate.

That’s why Democrats should try to reform their own corrupt party before they lose again in 2020, if only because they can’t overthrow the Constitution or persuade the military to install their next candidate. As President Barack Obama would say if the shoe was on the other foot, reform of the Democratic Party is the legitimate thing to do.

As for Republicans,  they know that there are many other techniques that Democrats use to hack the electorate, including the Democrats’ control over the media and education systems. That’s why Republicans should work hard and fast to disable all of them, permanently, because they have a sworn duty to protect the legitimacy of our voting system.

God Bless.

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