6 Year Old Girl Will Never Be The Same After OBAMA’S ILLEGAL ALIEN Kidnaps Her And Does The UNTHINKABLE…



Edis Moya Alas, a 35-year-old El Salvadorian national, stalked a 6-year-old girl in southeast Fort Worth, Texas.

The little girl’s parents said they all went to bed at around 10 PM on Friday night, her father had discovered the front door to the home standing open and his daughter missing sometime around 4am.


The little girl’s parents immediately called police and a search party was formed to canvass the area for the missing little girl.

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As one of the civilian search team was searching an area near Titus Park, he heard screams from a little girl in the nearby woods.


The search team member immediately contacted police who came running to the area and towards the screaming.

“The young child immediately saw police officers and ran towards us. She was very scared. She was very nervous, we owe a great debt to the citizen that actually heard the screams and notified us to go into that field area.” ~ Police Officials to News reporters



At this time there is no connection between Alas and the family, the investigation is ongoing and Alas is not cooperating.

The Police officials are not providing details on the apprehension of Alas, at this time.

Shortly after Alas was placed under arrest and booked, they were contacted by a member of ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) who then interviewed the suspect. Ice then informed Fort Worth Police Department that Alas is an illegal immigrant.

Alas has a $200,00.00 bond and currently housed in the Mansfield jail.

This is Obama’s America, this is what happens when we allow our borders to be so easily crossed and allow the evil from the rest of the world to enter freely.

This piece of human waste needs to be eradicated with extreme blunt force trauma and 0 mercy.  This is heartbreaking and gut-wrenching and that 6-year-old little girl will have to live with this traumatic nightmare for the rest of her life.

These are the issues we face with even more illegals flooding our nation from Syria as well, they truly believe that sex with children is allowable and that marriage to young girls is as well, all under the guise of Islam.

We must come together as a nation and put an end to these type of horrors, this family is forever changed and that innocent little girl, went through a nightmare beyond measure.

We shouldn’t jail such monsters; we shouldn’t allow them back on the streets nor provide them with the opportunity to continue to enjoy breathing the same air we do.

I pray this sadistic evil scumbag “accidentally” trips going down the stairs and saves everyone the trouble of financially supporting him in prison.  True Justice, would be allowing the father to carry out Texas justice for his daughter.



Latino FOX

God Bless.

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