BREAKING: 7 Muslims DEAD After Attempting To Escape From…

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Fighters of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units)


Tal Afar ( Pro-government paramilitary troops killed seven Islamic State militants escaping towards the Syrian borders, the troops’ media service said Thursday.

The Popular Mobilization Forces said through their media that troops killed seven Islamic State militants and destroyed three of their vehicles while they were trying to escape the town of Tal Afar towards the borders with Syria at Ein Tallawi region.

Tal Afar is 65 kilometers west of Mosul, and is home to a mixed Turkmen and Arab population. Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul, Islamic State’s former capital, early July after more than eight months of U.S.-backed offensives.

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi and his defense officials have marked Tal Afar as their next target of anti-Islamic State action. Iraqi defense officials said recently that warplanes were carrying out raids on the enclave in preparation for the ground invasion which is yet to be scheduled.

Tal Afar has reportedly seen divisions among Islamic State leaderships, with occasional news telling of power conflicts and dissents among leaders, as well as attempts by some militants to flee the anticipated battle field.

Since Iraqi forces launched a wide-scale campaign to retake Mosul in 2016, paramilitary troops managed to isolate the town from the Syrian borders and from the rest of Nineveh.

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