BREAKING: What Just Happened At 75 Target Stores Has These People Doing THIS, You’ll Need To See This One [VID]

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Target has been in the spotlight ever since they opened their bathrooms to members of the opposite sex, sparking “buycotts” and boycotts across the America.

Now, a new campaign to encourage shoppers to ditch Target over their new “transgender” bathroom literally took to the streets today in Minnesota.

Life Site News and the Child Protection League, have taken to the streets to expose Target’s insane, liberal bathroom policy by launching the #FlushTarget campaign!

A #FlushTarget truck, bearing an image of a little girl being surprised by a man in the women’s bathroom, and the text “What about her rights to privacy and protection?” will be visiting every single Target store in Target’s home state over the next few weeks.

There are also plans to bring the truck to other states, if the necessary funds can be raised. (NOTE: To donate to bring the #FlushTarget truck to additional states, click here.)

A website for the campaign,, was launched simultaneously. The website contains specifics on how people can send the message to the Twin Cities’ based retailer that the new policy puts its customers at risk.

Check this out!

YouTube video courtesy of Alpha News MN

“Everyone has the right to use the bathroom safely and in privacy without fear of being raped or assaulted,” said Claire Chretien, national spokeswoman for LifeSiteNews’ #FlushTarget campaign. “Unfortunately, Target, one of America’s largest retail chains, has decided to let any man access women’s bathrooms in their stores.”

Under Target’s new policy, announced April 19, any man at any time and for any reason can decide to use the women’s bathrooms or fitting rooms in its stores, based upon their subjective “gender identity.” “In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways,” the retailer said in announcing the policy change.

However, despite a boycott with more than one million signatures and plummeting stock prices in its wake, and family leaders voicing privacy and safety concerns, Target has continued to double-down on its commitment to so-called “inclusion.”

“We are not boycotting Target out of fear of the LGBT community,” Chretien stated. “Target can accommodate men that dress as women in a way that doesn’t put women and our young children at risk.”

“Instead of seeking solutions that are safe for both transgender people and women and children, Target has embraced an approach that emboldens predators, threatens women’s safety, and undermines any basic sense of decency.”

Our hats go off to this movement and we stand behind you 100%!

We encourage everyone to join in and together we will put a stop to this liberal insanity!



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