8-Year-Old Absolutely SHREDS Michelle Obama In Epic Letter… (Video!)


This kid totally gets it…



Here’s one thing about kids- they don’t whitewash things to fit their agenda. Lol, their agenda is to have fun for the most part!

But when it comes to FOOD they can be finicky. I remember when raising my son I would pack the EPIC lunches for him. His friends bartered to get his roast beef sandwiches on Hawaiian bread and I admit I didn’t pack broccoli or gluten free stuff but I did put in an apple or some carrot sticks with ranch dressing, raisins, some chips or a few cookies. I also put in some frozen yogurt sticks which helped keep the lunch cooled.

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My son turned out perfect! But now-a-days these kids have to eat Michelle Obama’s government mandated lunches. We have done several stories about this. Her kids eat the finest food money can buy while our kids eat twigs and bug infested garbage.


Here we have an excellent letter to the Mooch from an 8-year-old boy named Peter.

Young Conservatives reports that Peter saw something about Michelle Obama’s incredibly lame “lunch rules,” and how she planned to limit the amount of ketchup students could have during lunch, which simply didn’t sit well with the young boy who decided to be a “voice to the voiceless” and write a letter to the first lady expressing his displeasure with this new policy.


What started out as a defense of ketchup eventually turned into one of the most epic and awesome takedowns of the Obama administration ever crafted — at least by someone under the age of 18.

From The Weekly Standard:

Check this out.

A friend sends along an email attachment—a handwritten letter by his 8-year-old son, Peter. It’s addressed to First Lady Michelle Obama. “It all started because he saw something about school lunches [and] how ketchup is bad for you, and that Michelle Obama wants to limit the amount of ketchup” in schools, my friend explained. When the boy’s mother reminded him he attends a private school, making the ketchup rationing a nonissue, “He said something about wanting to ‘give a voice to the voiceless.’”

But ketchup is actually the least of the boy’s concerns, as he then continues onto foreign policy, the crisis in the Middle East, and the need for boots on the ground. (“He also disipionted millons of Americans by not bombing Syria.”) In addition, Peter recommends that the president urge the United Nations to send peacekeepers to Ukraine.

Lol, here is the awesome letter!


The boy’s father said Peter started the letter in October, but only recently decided to finish it because he had become “too angry” to do so when he originally began writing it.

This kid is a genius, and if his name were on the ballot, he’d have my vote for sure.

Michelle Obama’s lunch rules program is a perfect example of government overreach and sums up the progressive plan for America perfectly.

A bunch of “elites” supposedly know what’s better for you than you do, so they work to limit your personal choice and freedom so you have no other option but to go along with their program.

This is the kind of America they want, and the first lady’s assault on school lunches is a prime example of that kind of thinking in action.

Let’s hope this letter finds its way into the hands of Mrs. Obama and maybe a bit of this boy’s wisdom seeps into her brain.


This kid is spot on! Now THAT is some good stuff right there! Good job Mom and Dad! God Bless You!


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