91-Year-Old Homeless Lady Dies With No Family or Friends… Crowd Of Bikers Show Up And Do THIS


Serina Vine, a veteran of World War II, died May 21 at age 91 with no known surviving family. Ms. Vine worked in radio intelligence while serving in the Navy from 1944 to 1946 and was homeless before eventually moving into the Washington, DC, VA hospital, where she lived for two decades before her death.

When Army Maj. Jaspen Boothe heard about Serina Vine, she knew she had to do something. Newser reports that Boothe learned that there were only going to be four people attending Vine’s funeral service at Virginia’s Quantico National Cemetery, and “that didn’t sit right with me.” So she worked on getting the word out on social media, with posts urging locals to attend the Tuesday service or send friends in the area to attend. About 200 people ended up attending, including a large group of motorcyclists who served in the military, all decked out in their jeans and leather vests, the Free Lance-Star reports.

The bikers, many combat veterans, were joined by uniformed Marines and other retired and active-duty service members.

Sailors stood at either end of the bluish-gray casket, and a Marine captain faced the center of the coffin with his arms by his sides.

Boothe was moved when she got to the cemetery and saw the response: “Now she has 200 known family and friends in the area,” she says. Adds the retired Marine who organized the funeral and also helped get the word out, “We serve together, so therefore we should not die alone.”

“We are all a testament to what we do when we are called to honor our fellow brothers and sisters,” Boothe said.

Boothe, who was also once homeless, says there was more to Vine than just that fact: “She was an educated woman,” she says of Vine, who spoke three languages. “She loved to dance and go to church on Sundays.”

Dwight Micheal, a pastor at Piney Branch Baptist Church in Spotsylvania delivered a rousing eulogy, saying “many people might conclude Vine was a nobody. But just because little is known about her does not mean she accomplished nothing.”

“We might not know much about sister Vine, but what we do know is she should be remembered as one who had a character to serve and that she contributed to the life that we enjoy today in this nation,” Micheal said.

Awesome! Thanks to these veterans, Ms. Vine got the final sendoff she deserves. R.I.P. Hero…

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God Bless.

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