A Touching And Inspiring Anonymous Letter From A Veteran And Former Drug Addict…



At AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS we receive many emails from Military and civilian patriots (and liberal trolls) and we try to reply to all but sometimes one really stands out and this one is definitely a touching and inspiring letter that caught my attention. Drug abuse and addiction knows no color, political affiliation or class, at some point it has effected almost everyone through family or friends. Many people have lost their lives and families so I wanted to pass this letter along to all of you.

Here it is.


This is a very personal for me and I hope that by the end that at least one person will be reached who is at a very low point with illegal drug use and understands that there is a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, you can turn your life around.

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At the age of 23 I was on top of the world, a successful privately owned business with growing profits as well as working for a large injection molding company with a handsome salary. As time went by I stepped into the world of illegal drugs, mostly prescription, and ten years later I had lost almost everything. My journey started innocently enough by a trip to an E. R. for an injury and a prescription to a pain killer, the snowball had started downhill from that point. I am sure many have a story similar to this, but every case of failure can lead to a story of redemption.


While my wife and I were discussing “the lost years” we had experienced, a thought came to mind about how in recent years the drug problem in America has skyrocketed and in the same time period our economy has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Is drug abuse the only reason, obviously not but it really got me started thinking and here’s what I found during my research into the matter.

The total costs of drug abuse and addiction due to use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are estimated at $524 billion a year. Illicit drug use alone accounts for $181 billion in health care, productivity loss, crime, incarceration and drug enforcement.


Tobacco is a drug I do not think should even be included in this study but I do understand why it would be due to the healthcare cost, with that being said the dollar amount for alcohol and illegal drugs really caught my attention and backed up what I originally thought.

The obvious costs on the list are productivity while at work and the incarnation costs which is a massive toll on tax payers. That being said though, I would like to add in the factors that no study will show and that’s how addiction takes one’s will to move forward and build a life, how it consumes you and leaves you a shell of a human being with no desire for nothing except to work towards your next fix. If we can’t break the growing numbers of lives lost to drug abuse we are a doomed society.

I judge no one because I have been there and it’s an everyday struggle to stay on track. In my eyes they are no amount of rehabilitation or counseling to keep someone off drugs if they do not have the will to stay clean. Surrounding yourself with the right people is the key, people who will push you to stay the course. The people around you will lift you up or bring you back down to their level.


My thoughts go out to this young man and his family and we wish him all the best as well as anyone who is struggling with addiction, it sometimes takes courage to speak about your battle, I’ve personally witnessed many people in my area who fight this battle on a daily basis.

As everyone knows there are all types of drug addiction but remember there are also support groups out there, it is up to you as an individual to have the want to break the habit but support is equally important. I have found a great guide that some of you may want to visit, together we can hopefully change the direction of many good people’s lives.

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