JUST IN: What ABC Just Revealed About Megyn Kelly Is Making NBC Regret EVER Hiring Her

What ABC Just Revealed About Megyn Kelly Is Making NBC SICK…


When  Megyn Kelly appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America in November, ratings drastically plummeted.


The former Fox News star appeared on ABC while promoting her book “Settle For More” when she was still a Fox News employee.

Kelly, who was reportedly offered lucrative deals by NBC, ABC, CNN and to join their network, spent the majority of her interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos explicitly detailing how she was sexually harassed by former Fox News Chief Roger Ailes.

While top conservatives have blasted Kelly for allegedly auditioning for the mainstream media during the past year on Fox by placating to the Left.

Yet, it turns out ABC’s viewership doesn’t care much for Kelly.


From Mediaite:

Mediaite has learned that the minute-by-minute ratings for GMA took a major (and surprising) dive during her segment on November 15 to promote her new book, Settle For More.

According to sources with access to those all important and specific network ratings, Kelly appeared for approximately 10 minutes at around 7:31 a.m, during that time, the ratings continued to plummet in particular compared to other days. Network execs across the board apparently expected that the Fox News host’s interview would boost the bottom of the 7 o’clock hour especially since she was discussing controversial allegations against her former boss, Roger Ailes. But– that didn’t happen.

“He tried to kiss me three times… and when I rejected that, he asked me when my contract was up,” Kelly recounted to George Stephanopoulos during an exclusive interview about her first year working as a reporter at Fox. “I wrestled with what to do.” While the interview was certainly interesting, the ratings didn’t pan out for GMA. And, interestingly, this interview came around the same time that Kelly was in contract discussions with other networks including ABC.

Kelly announced her departure from Fox News for a mega-pact with NBC News last week and announced her last day on The Kelly File would be on Friday.

She will host an NBC News daytime weekday show, a Sunday night newsmagazine and play a key role in breaking news coverage. But “Me-again” will reportedly have a tough time luring in daytime viewers.

Republicans and Donald Trump supporters are unlikely to follow Kelly when she moves from Fox News to NBC News, according to the latest Morning Consult poll.  Twenty-six percent of Trump voters say they are less likely to watch her.

She will however, enjoy more Democratic viewers. Twenty-nine percent of Hillary Clinton voters said they are more inclined to watch her ono NBC.

The poll was conducted from Jan. 5 to Jan. 7 amongst  2,200 adults.

Katie Couric was the golden girl of NBC for years, anchoring the highly rated morning program, “Today.” But her ratings plunged when she left NBC to become the anchor of the “CBS Evening News.”  Now she reports for Yahoo News and is no longer on the air with any major broadcast network.

A news executive told Hollywood Reporter that Kelly could suffer the same fate.

“Megyn Kelly is extremely talented,” the news executive said. “But daytime is brutal.”


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