BREAKING: ABC News Busted FABRICATING ‘Bombshell’ Story On Flynn


Americans’ trust in media is at an all-time low, and with good reason – fake news seems to be all it ever feeds is while it ignores real news we all care about.

To date, the best example of this happened just yesterday, when ABC News reported the “bombshell” story about Michael Flynn being prepared to throw President Trump under the bus. Morse specifically, the “news” outlet said during a live broadcast that “then-candidate Trump” directed Flynn to make contact with the Russians, which would confirm their bogus story of Trump and the Russians colluding to win an election.


The problem was their story was almost entirely fabricated. The bigger problem is their story spread like wildfire across the web, with the original tweet going viral and getting over 25,000 shares.

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Later in the day, ABC issued a retraction, but the damage was already done.

Here’s the company’s “clarification”:


During a live Special Report, ABC News reported that a confidant of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said Flynn was prepared to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed him to contact Russian officials during the campaign.


That source later clarified that during the campaign, Trump assigned Flynn and a small circle of other senior advisers to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other hot spots.

It was shortly after the election, that President-elect Trump directed Flynn to contact Russian officials on topics that included working jointly against ISIS.

So we’re clear, President Trump had repeatedly stated there was no communication between his campaign and the Russians. ABC News fabricated a story claiming otherwise, the story went viral, but they were forced to retract it because it was completely bogus.

The truth of the matter is that while Trump was a candidate, he directed a group of his campaign staffers to come up with ways to improve relations with Russia. Only after he won the election, did President-elect Trump direct anyone to make contact with the Russians so they could formulate a plan to take out ISIS – standard operating procedure for an incoming President.

So basically what we have here is ABC’s original reporting claiming to show proof of collusion, treason, and everything else the left has accused of – the story that went viral – and the actual story being that the President’s transition team engaged in standard, completely legal actions to set up diplomatic relations with another country’s leadership.

Meanwhile, the stock markets plummeted upon the ABC story breaking, leftist media outlets everywhere were quite literally celebrating live on air when they read it, and Twitter lit up with leftists overjoyed they finally had their “evidence” of collusion, and the fake story was otherwise all over the place long before ABC got around to retracting it.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the ABC Reporter created fake news. Brian Ross also pinned a mass shooting a the Tea Party but was forced to retract the report after it was proven false, the Daily Wire reported.

“Ross reported on ABC News that he’d found a web page for a ‘Jim Holmes’ on a Colorado Tea Party site,” Fox News reported.

“There is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year,” Ross reported. “Now we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.”

ABC News and Ross came under intense criticism for immediately looking to politicize the shooting by suggesting that Holmes was a member of the Tea Party – which he was not.

“The attempts of some media organizations to characterize the shooter as a Tea Party member without having made any effort to contact our organization are shameless and reprehensible,” the Colorado Tea Party Patriots said in a statement.

What’s that they say about a lie traveling halfway around the world before the truth gets out of bed?

Then again, that seems to be the M.O. of the lying news media; report damaging fake stories first, let them go viral, then quietly retract them later after the damage is done. It’s happened countless times since President Trump first started running for office, and it continues to happen to this day.

The one good thing? President Trump has even more ammunition for his charges that the fake news media is trying to take down his administration.

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[H/T: Zero Hedge]

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