WHOA! ABC News HACK and Co-Host Of “The View” Sunny Hostin”-She Just RUINED Her Career For LIFE… HELL YEAH!

The United States of America has been infiltrated by the extreme left, the worst part is they believe their own ridiculous propaganda!



This is not a new attack but is being openly pushed full throttle now and it is not only disgusting and pathetic, it is anti-American and is clearly meant to target people who believe in AMERICA FIRST.

If the red, white and blue offends you, feel free to leave our nation!  NOBODY is FORCING you to stay and live as a rich and hateful entitled scumbag in The United States!

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Breitbart reports that ABC News legal analyst and co-host of “The View” Sunny Hostin said on Friday’s broadcast it is “despicable” that “right-wing truth assassins” are trying to hide America’s history of slavery.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Nikole Hannah-Jones is a Pulitzer Price winning journalist for her work on the 1619 Project, The New York Times series that traces American history of Slavery. She is also a professor at the University of North Carolina who was set to be granted tenure — which is for life, as you might know — but after pushback from conservatives, she was offered a five-year contract instead…UNC said their board of trustees had nothing to do with denying her tenure. Really? Are you buying that, Sunny?”


Before we get into this dumpster fire called, “the View” and the outlandish and FALSE 1619 project indoctrination, we need to discuss the WHITE ELEPHANT in the room.

The deep state’s left puppets are aiding in the witch hunt for citizens that are not taking a knee to their racism indoctrination as well as those who know our current government is Marxist, Biden is nothing but a puppet President and the democratic agenda is to destroy our nation and re-build it under their control and tyrannical power.

Biden passed the executive order to target Conservatives, Republicans, Patriots as well as white people who believe in living free from government communism.  The left puppets are the ones using mainstream media to indoctrinate people into believing anyone who flies the American flag, loves the National Anthem, flies a Trump or MAGA flag or even the F**K Biden flag, essentially anyone who openly opposes their extremism needs to be removed from society.

Which brings us to these trash cans that are on the view as well as the propaganda machine news.  It is highly baffling how the view has any relevance in today’s society yet alone having any actual people watching their indoctrination.  One can only speculate that they prey upon those who have very weak minds and are afraid of their own shadows.

Breitbart continued to report on Hostin’s comments:

Hostin said, “No. It’s not true. This has been dug into and researched. What’s so interesting, Joy, is she’s the first night professor at UNC to be denied tenure. We know what this is about. This is about the right-wing truth assassins that don’t want people to know about the truthful history, the uncomfortable truthful history about this country. I think it’s shameful. You hear so much about cancel culture from people on the right, from these conservatives, what more kind of canceling exists than squashing freedom of expression in academia?”

She added, “Tenure is supposed to be there to protect professors, to protect their academic work from politicization. This is exactly what has happened here. I think it’s so despicable that people want to hide the truth about this country’s history in this way. I’m saddened by what happened here.”

Ok, these self-righteous dipshits need a real lesson in the history of our nation as well as the history of our world, because clearly all they care about is pushing racism and hate to divide and destroy our nation.

Humans have been abducting other humans to use and sell as servants and slaves essentially since mankind began its journey on this planet.  It is even speculated that Crow-Magnon and Neanderthals abducted people to use as brides as well as put to work in their tribes.

White people have been abducted and used as slaves long before other races as and in far more numbers.  The 1619 project focuses on black people and America and IGNORES real facts as well as refuses to ever acknowledge that white people were slaves in America if not more so than black people were.

People are only talking about black people and racism and nobody is addressing that a large majority BLACK PEOPLE are racist as hell against other nationalities.  Lets stop bullshitting each other and start having blunt truth talks with one another to actually start to heal our nation.

The blunt truth is, we have a tyrannical government that sees the citizens as nothing but cattle, we have extreme overreach and corruption within our legal system and we must ignore the indoctrination if we are to ever unite as heal.

My niece is 15, now she is like most teens and believes the propaganda and indoctrination being spewed by the oligarchs, however, she did state that while police do have way too much power over people it is the system itself that is corrupt and allows it.  That is an opening, ever so slight but still an opening to have a conversation to help her understand what propaganda and indoctrination are.

It is our duty to ensure our youth are not being stripped away from us through racism, propaganda and indoctrination of hate and hate of ones self.  We must never allow the hateful left to destroy our children and their futures.


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