BREAKING: ABC News REFUSES To Cover Susan Rice Scandal, Unexpected Reason Why Will Make You SICK

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Over the weekend, the biggest story of the year broke wide open when it was revealed that former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice ordered the names of Trump campaign operatives unmasked by the intelligence community, and ABC News has been silent on the issue.

Senior correspondent for Fox News, Adam Housley, broke the story on Friday when he reported the unmasking was done purely for “political purposes,” then numerous other outlets reported on Rice’s involvement. Coverage of the scandal from the liberal media has been scant, at best, which is odd considering the Obama administration turned our spy agencies against American citizens to target political opponents – something that’s been feared would happen since Snowden revealed the government’ capabilities.

However, one outlet in particular hasn’t even mentioned the biggest political scandal in America’s history.

The Gateway Pundit reports that looking at the ABC News website’s front page, not a single headline involves the Rice ordeal. There’s stories about Trump and Russia, and stories about other current events, but nothing on Rice.


In fact, there’s not even a Rice story on the network’s politics page, where one would think you’d see it as the top headline.


While the lack of coverage may seem strange to some, considering that ABC is among the networks that consider themselves the gold standard in objective reporting, it’s not so strange once you learn that Rice’s husband, Ian Cameron, is an ABC News executive producer.

Oddly enough, the left has been screaming “nepotism!” ever since it was announced that Ivanka Trump was taking a position in the White House without being paid a salary, but the true nepotism seems to be coming from one of their coveted news networks.

This is what happens when we let the media get too close to those in political circles. There seriously needs to be laws prohibiting the relatives of those in media from being employed in the government, especially after seeing how the Obama administration artfully intertwined itself with major outlets by hiring people directly tied to both reporters and executives working in the MSM.

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