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Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been embroiled in a legal controversy ever since becoming the target of a political hit job from the Obama administration over Arpaio’s immigration practices.

The former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff found himself at the center of prosecution because he was following federal immigration law. Because the Justice Department couldn’t find any evidence on wrongdoing on his behalf, he was found in contempt of court by a leftist judge after he refused to stop his lawful actions as sheriff.

The trial carried on through the election, which Sheriff Joe ended up losing, but he was finally given relief when President Trump issued a pardon for the alleged crimes he was accused of. However, the judge in the case was weighing whether or not she was going to honor the President’s pardoning power, despite the fact the Supreme Court found there’s pretty much no limit to it, and now we’re finally learning the good Sheriff’s fate.

From AZ Central:

The judge called criminal contempt “an offense against the United States,” and she remarked that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will “escape punishment for his willful violation” of a court order.

But in the end, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton determined Wednesday that she had no choice but to validate Arpaio’s Aug. 25 pardon by President Donald Trump and throw out the finding of guilt in his criminal contempt case because he had not yet been sentenced and was not afforded an opportunity to appeal the verdict.

Arpaio’s attorneys asked during a Wednesday morning hearing in Phoenix that all of the rulings during the contempt proceedings be discarded. Bolton has taken that request under advisement.

Arpaio’s response to news

Arpaio did not attend the hearing. When reached at home by telephone, he said he had not yet spoken to his attorneys.

But his response was in classic Arpaio style:

“I’m happy the conviction was dismissed, especially since I am not guilty,” he told The Arizona Republic, “and I will be addressing that issue in the near future.”

And though that statement hinted at retribution, Arpaio would not let on what he had in mind.

Instead he praised Trump, saying, “It took me 85 years to find my hero and it’s the president of the United States.”

So that’s that. The unfair political persecution of America’s most patriotic sheriff has finally come to an end, thanks to America’s most patriotic President in decades.

Doesn’t it feel great to finally have a President who loves our nation and its patriots?

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