ACTION: Alabama Counties Stop Issuing ALL Marriage Licenses… Problem Solved


Here’s one way of dealing with the situation…



In the wake of the SCOTUS mandated same-sex marriage forcing all states to comply with what amounts to another unconstitutional ruling (in my opinion) many states are fighting back. Gov. Abbott has issued a statement that in part says that nobody can be forced to comply with the gay marriage ‘law’ and now Alabama is taking a different approach. They’ll just stop issuing marriage licenses-PERIOD! LMAO!


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Pike County officials haven’t issued marriage licenses in months, and today Probate Judge Wes Allen announced that his office is now permanently out of the marriage business.


“My office discontinued issuing marriage licenses in February and I have no plans to put Pike County back into the marriage business,” Allen wrote in a statement. “The policy of my office regarding marriage is no different today than it was yesterday.”

Geneva County Probate Judge Fred Hamic also said he intends to permanently close the marriage license bureau in his office, if his attorneys don’t object.


Both judges cited Alabama Code Section 30-1-9: “Marriage licenses may be issued by the judges of probate of the several counties.”

The law says “may” instead of “shall”, Hamic said, which makes a big difference. He said the law permits probate judges to opt of of issuing marriage licenses.

“This decision is not based on me being a homophobic, people can do whatever they want in private,” Hamic said. “It is based strictly on my Christian beliefs.”


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  1. Rooster's Rage says:

    This is exactly why I love living in Alabama and you better believe we cling to our Bible and our guns!!!

  2. brucethedrummer says:

    Oh boy. Here comes the gays to burn alabama! This going to get interesting quick. Stand strong!

  3. Talibandrew Breitbot says:

    Arrest any clerk who deprives any American citizen of their guaranteed right to marry the person of their choice and throw them in pound-you-in-the-ass prison.

    • Jovito Carbon says:

      Then, the Supreme Court should repeal this STUPID law!!!

    • HEIL HITLER! Arrest anybody with opposing views! HEIL! You people are far more dangerous than any redneck, any day of the week. Downright scary…..

      • TexasTea71 says:

        I’m not for tossing religious bigots in prison straight away, but there aren’t too many things in this world more lethal than a hate driven moronic redneck. Just ask: Medgar Evars, Rev. George Lee, Lamar Smith, Emmit Till, Mack Charles Parker, James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Henry Schwerner, or the 4 girls from the 16th street Baptist Church in Birmingham.

        This is but a tiny faction of those killed by angry bigoted rednecks, but I doubt you want to continue with the comparison.

    • While they are being pounded in the ass, can they marry said Ass Pounder?

    • Equal treatment should equal equal treatment. If so, why was the 19th amendment considered to have been necessary? The 14th amendment, used in this case, should have been enough to seal the deal.

      • Matthew Faulhaber says:

        Conservatives don’t believe in the US Constitution when it opposes their ideas. Given their choice, the entire US Constitution would consist of the second amendment. Everything else they abhor.

      • Everyone is being treated equally. No marriages licenses to anyone. That’s pretty equal as far as I understand the term.

    • Didn’t you read what the Judge wrote? It says, “The law says “MAY” instead of “shall”, Hamic said, which makes a big difference. He said the law permits probate judges to opt of of issuing marriage licenses.” Which means they can do as they damn well please! :'( Lol!

      • it took the supreme court 21 pages to define 4 words so maybe it will take less than that to define “may” but you can bet if roberts were given the chance. he would define may as really meaning will or shall.

    • Candace Schermerhorn says:

      Wouldn’t be the first time a martyr was put in prison for believing in God.

    • Smilingjackal says:

      On what grounds? It’s equality….no one’s getting married, homosexual or straight.

    • Grizzly907LA says:

      You’re in good standing with the gaystapo!! This is your symbol!!! F’king phaggot!

      • TexasTea71 says:

        Good comparison – Legal protections to stop you from discriminating against 2-5% of the population are EXACTLY like you being relocated to ghettos before being put on trains and sent to mass extermination camps.

        Homosexuals want equal rights, you want them to be second class citizens. I think deep down you know who is the fascist in that scenario.

        I may need to do a screen capture your post for posterity, to commemorate the day a bigot with a Stars and Bars Avatar projects a swastika onto his opposition. Irony truly doesn’t penetrate the walls of your double wide apparently…

    • Leigh LaJeunesse says:

      Where in the Constitution does it state that American citizens have a right to marry? I seem to have missed that part? Or maybe… just maybe it does not contain that ‘right.’

      • I wonder. If say some guy wanted to marry Tyler Swift but she choose to not marry is she violating his right to marriage? I mean it is his right right?

    • silvergryphon says:

      Better yet, just fire them for refusal to carry out the duties that earn their paycheck and hire people who are willing to do the job as required.

    • Chad Dolloff says:

      There is no guaranteed right to marry. What part of that can you not wrap your simple thrall mind around???

  4. Thomas Hamilton says:

    leave it to the south to be the ones in the past if ur not a white or god loving then fuck everybody u lost the first time what makes u think u can win this time

    • There is another option- why not just accept the South for what they believe in- or don’t live there? Why force somebody to accept YOUR feelings. Why do you feel compelled to force them? You are becoming exactly what you preached- intolerant. Congrats, you just made your own argument.

      • Brian Thompson says:

        “Why force somebody to accept YOUR feelings.” That is exactly what you are doing to gay people – forcing your feelings and beliefs on them.

      • TexasTea71 says:

        Such great logic. We should have applied that in 1945 instead of the Marshall Plan, too! “Aw Heck:These Germans and all their genocidal Anti-semitism and attempts at a global Racially pure Reich sure are a menace, but they HAVE been here since before the Prussian reformation and the Teutonic tribes… Who are we to force them to change??” ‘

        Sure, lets just let the culture of slavery, lynching and segregation flourish, that’d be a great notion…

    • Easy, the south South has 98% of the armed pickup trucks in the country- Shamelessly borrowed from Dave Barry

    • Really? Well apparently the gay community are ALL ABOUT forcing people to succumb to their whims. Those Southern people have been the way they are long before the gay community came out of the closet.

      • TexasTea71 says:

        Exactly Zeda! It’s just outrageous that you are going to be forced into a gay marriage against your will. These damned fascist gays and their compulsory gay marriages! When will this tyranny against us poor straight Christian Whites every end??? #Victim

  5. Jovito Carbon says:

    This is GOOD NEWS!!!

  6. Well good for him! FYI… Gov. Abbott is Gov. of Texas! Robert J. Bentley is the Gov. of Alabama!

  7. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    My first thought, the man is a spoiled brat throwing a temper-tantrum because he cannot have his way. He is figuratively taking his ball home because he doesn’t like the rules of the game. Grow up. You swore to uphold the US Constitution. The final say as to what is constitutional is the US Supreme Court. You don’t have to like their ruling, you can even disagree with it, but their word is final unless the legislators change the law. Reminds me of another southern governor who opposed equality as mandated through the US Supreme Court by using the state’s national guard until the federal government federalized their national guard and forced integration.

    And thank all that is holy our writer doesn’t have a say on what is constitutional. Otherwise the only part of the US Constitution that would survive his review is the second amendment.

    • Smilingjackal says:

      There is no law requiring them to marry anyone. No where does it say in the Constitution that courts HAVE to issue marriage licenses to anyone.They are well within their legal rights. What’s wrong? Mad because you didn’t get YOUR way there, and force someone to do what YOU wanted? Too bad. And I can bet that a lot more States will soon follow this lead.And BTW, if you have a beef with the 2nd Amendment, then you are just an idiot.

    • Grizzly907LA says:

      Gay marriage isn’t in the constitution and is to be left up to the states to decide per the tenth amendment. That’s regardless of what 5 un-elected and unaccountable judges say! The right to bear arms is actually written into the constitution you stupid commie! Its amendment two!

      • TexasTea71 says:

        After the latest Duck Dynasty re-run ends, go have a gander at the 14th Amendment, Cletus. No state can pass any law that does not apply to all citizens equally….

        • Chad Dolloff says:

          It does apply to them equally. If you are not a man and a woman you cannot get married. Pretty simple to understand isn’t it Doofus?

          • TexasTea71 says:

            Apparently yours is the accepted understanding of low info voters and bigots only. For the rest of the country, especially among the more educated and affluent, it works the way I detailed. Sorta sucks to be a dense bigot this week, huh?

          • Chad Dolloff says:

            First off you twat waffle I really don’t give a shit. If you were really educated as you claim you would be under the same understanding that marriage is not guaranteed in the constitution for gay people. You see if it was that simple they would have done the same thing years ago. The problem is the overabundance of thralls as yourself who Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. A huge can of worms has been opened by you progressive morons. SCOTUS had no constitutional authority to do what they did with this or Obamacare. Morons as yourself is why this country is going to hell in a handbasket and gaining speed at a rapid pace.

          • TexasTea71 says:

            Alex, I’m gonna say “What are the whiney impotent screeches of a man who doesn’t grasp how the Constitution or the SCOTUS work, and can no longer find support for his angry fearful bigotry in state law.”

            By its very definition, Gay Marriage did become guaranteed by the Constitution via the 14 amendment last Friday. I understand that because the words “Gay Marriage” don’t exist in the constitution, you’re at a dead end. The idea of principles and interpretation, which have allowed the constitution to rule on many issues such as campaign finance and Civil Rights, also apply to the gay marriage that you find so frightening.

            What you seem to define as Normal Thinking can also be defined as antiquated bigotry. Remember when your grandpa was pitching a fit about blacks getting to integrate in schools and intermarry? You probably are making lots of rationalizations about how you’re not like him, but your ending up on the wrong side of history right next to him. Thrall that, Bull Connor.

          • Chad Dolloff says:

            I fully understand how it works and they are wrong. They cannot reword a law and take it’s context and twist it out of meaning like they have with obamacare and the 14th amendment. Pretty simple. No screetching about it. If you want to change a law it has to be done thru the legislative branch not the judicial. It is you who doesn’t understand that and the many like that who continue to let our constitution be assaulted and our form of government as it was designed. Ther is no bigotry about it. I understand that is the libtard thrall response along with well they said it’s so. Good grief you people are fucking stupid. Like I said Can’t Understand Normal Thinking, or logical.

          • Chad Dolloff says:

            You thralls continue to believe that the “majority” of America is for it when nothing could be further from the truth.

          • TexasTea71 says:

            It must be tough when reality eviscerates your homespun bigoted b*llshit every single time:


          • Chad Dolloff says:

            Ohhh for fucks sake! Some rigged poll??? Seriosly??? I rest my case and again i am not a bigot you card carrying member of the libtard ideology. You’re a racist…you’re a bigot…good grief! Polly wanna cracker???

          • TexasTea71 says:

            Nice work. Don’t like a scientific poll by the largest polling firm in America (which replicates exactly the findings of every other major polling service) and what do you do? Claim that its rigged because your brain cannot accept reality. You may be the most deluded and angry bigot in Central Ohio…

          • Chad Dolloff says:

            If we can’t logically win the arguement we resort to a make believe rigged poll. Libtard playbook 101.

          • TexasTea71 says:

            You keep swinging and crying as you slide down the conveyor belt toward History’s trash heap… At least you’re being amusing as you go.

          • TexasTea71 says:

            Yup, he was a cynical politician. You know who was even worse? Hillary. So What?

          • Smilingjackal says:

            So now anyone that disagrees, or is against homosexual marriage is a bigot? And “low-info voters”? Interesting…

          • TexasTea71 says:

            If you are in favor of two people, neither of whom you know, being banned from getting married based on their gender attraction, then yup, you are by definition a bigot. And if you don’t remotely understand the application of 14th Amendment, in my opinion you are low info, although there are certainly arguments that could be made in both directions on that one.

          • Smilingjackal says:

            By the very definition of bigot, it is clear that you see one every time you look in the mirror.

          • TexasTea71 says:

            If my intolerance of your hatred and bias is your definition of bigotry, so be it.

          • Smilingjackal says:

            Hate to burst your bubble, but the most intolerant, hostile group in America aren’t the “white supremacists”, or the “black militants”, or the “old homophobes”, or even those”religious fanatic Christians”…it’s those pesky, annoying little fairies, fluttering around everywhere, tossing their fairy-dust in everyone’s eyes. They’re more agitating than mosquitoes. And we ALL know what happens to a mosquitoe, right? They eventually get swatted to death.

        • Smilingjackal says:

          Well, then that means we can own and CARRY our firearms in ALL states then! At least one good thing came out of this…thanks to the lil fairies….

          • TexasTea71 says:

            Not shockingly, you’re missing the target on this one: You can have laws that differ state to state (such as concealed carry laws) but the laws much apply to all residents of the state equally…

          • Smilingjackal says:

            Nope, did’nt miss anything at all. Actually I hit a bullseye. The 14th amendment, as applied in this case and thus setting a precedent, over rides State laws. Now the courts (and States) are required to follow that very precedent on all other similar cases, or the original is null and void. The 2nd amendment lays out my right to keep and bear (means carry) arms. And now, thanks to this, the 14th says I can wear it in all 50 States. Can’t cherry-pick how it applies. In law, it’s all or none. Ironic, that it was this case, brought by the homosexuals, and liberals claiming the very same for marriage gave me this right, when they are the most anti-gun groups. THANKS!

      • John Q Public says:

        “God” isn’t in the constitution either. Yet people have the right to worship something that isn’t there….. literally

    • Just an FYI slavery was constitutional at one point. It isn’t now thankfully. Best thing to save marriage is get government out of it.

  8. Grizzly907LA says:

    Nullification via the tenth amendment!!! The remedy to a tyrannical and out of control federal government. Get government out of the marriage business period!!!

  9. Georgia123 says:

    I may have to move to Alabama.

  10. Darrow_for_the_Prosecution says:

    “Alabama Code Section 30-1-9: “Marriage licenses may be issued by the judges of probate of the several counties.”

    Don’t let SCOTUS get hold of this language-they’ll interpret it to say “shall” simply because someone wants to get married. The court cannot read, understand, or interpret the plain English language.

  11. George Ramirez says:

    A long time ago after the 13th Amendment passed and black Americans gained equal rights as every other citizen of this great nation something happened that took 100 years for our government to confront and still hasn’t worked itself out completely. Civil servants took it upon themselves to deny rights to people as they saw fit based solely on their color. This is no different. 90 years after the civil war the supreme court had to decide Brown V. Board, 9 years later was the civil rights act, and a year after that was the voter’s rights act. The government was fighting for equality as it is now and people such as yourselves, who are as far from Jesus as anyone I’ve ever met, are here to make it impossible. Your hate is terrible and you are a giving loving Jesus-like Christians a terrible name.

    • no man is equal and no man will ever be equal to to all other men. No two people are alike and we , as the human race, would not want to be equal in that we all look alike, think alike, eat alike, dream alike and so on. What we, the PEOPLE, have ensured where equality is concerned is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. what a man does with that OPPORTUNITY is up to him and will determine his lot in life. So when a man earning min wage complains that he doesnt get equal pay, he needs to know that the constitution didnt offer equal pay but instead offers equal opportunity for man to earn that amount, less than that or more than that. its not the govts job to ensure anything other than the equal opportunity for American citizens to succeed and yes, to fail.

  12. George Ramirez says:

    I figured a guy who calls himself a Freedom Fighter (who actually wants to do the opposite unless it involves shoving a confederate flag draped firearm up his ass while reading the Bible that he knows nothing about) wouldn’t be such a pussy. Couldn’t let my post stay up very long could you. It might make your membership cry. It is truly sad that your sight exists to help spread hate. It was media outlets like yours that convinced Charleston S.C. shooter that his country was being taken from him with your misrepresentation of facts and desire for guns, violence, and war.
    P.S. Check Article 6, Section 2 of the Constitution you pretend to know so well for something called the supremacy clause. It mind help you understand the constitution a little better. It’s more than just that 2nd amendment you masturbate to every night.

  13. Grow up Alabama!

  14. The supreme opinion says marriage is marriage regardless of gender but who takes the supreme opinion seriously when we’re fighting unconstitutional wars and jailing people for smoking a plant. The supreme opinion is nothing more than an opinion of a few elite quack lawyers who kissed the right asses to become judges. Get real. No one with half a brain takes these clowns serious any more.

  15. Viking Knight says:

    Blacks Law Dictionary; “License” ~ Permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal”
    America had no such thing as a marriage license our 1st 100years+ in existence Because it’s a right,
    not a govt. granted privilege (unless you voluntarily get the license)
    BTW ~ theres no Social Security Card mandate, that says you got to get an SS Number ! jus sayin


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