Actor Scott Baio Wants “Happy Days” For America, Endorses THIS Presidential Candidate

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Hollywood is known for being extremely liberal and when one of their own comes out to support a Republican candidate, they are taking a chance of getting ‘blackballed.’

But that’s not stopping actor/director Scott Baio from endorsing Donald J. Trump for president!

That’s right folks!

Baio joined the great Judge Jeanine on FOX and discussed what it’s like to be a conservative in Hollywood and more!

Check it out!

YouTube video via jim hoft

Wow. Baio loved Ronald Reagan and explained that his father taught him conservative values. Good job DAD!!!

JUDGE: “Who are you supporting for president?”

BAIO: “Trump.”

JUDGE: “Why?”

BAIO: “Um, it’s very simple because, when he speaks I understand him. He speaks like I speak. He communicates with people very well.”

Baio says he wants Trump to go into Washington and “blow it up.”

He says he is fed up with Republicans lying and conning us.

Baio says the Democrats are going to attack our nominee and that we need someone to relentlessly attack Hillary Clinton.

“That’s the only way we are going to win,” Baio told the Judge.

WOW! It sounds like Mr. Baio is ready for HAPPY DAYS in America!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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