Did you know that A&E had a ‘handler’ with Phil Robertson during the now infamous interview with ‘GQ’ and did nothing to stop or at least control Phil from expressing his views on homosexuality and we believe it was a deliberate attempt to put Phil in his place expecting a backlash of criticism from fans but as it turns out it was a major failure on A&E’s part!

It is our belief that A&E never expected the hit show ‘Duck Dynasty’ to become the most watched television show. And we also believe that A&E never intended fan’s to actually bond with the Robertson family and to respect the Christian values the family has brought into the spotlight. Apparently A&E have a big problem with the family’s love of God and it appears to us this whole thing was a set up that backfired.

Originally the show was intended to make you laugh AT this backwoods redneck family-not WITH them and they certainly did not expect so many people to identify and respect the religious views that have become so prevalent in each episode. This did not sit well with the network executives-after all, Christianity is such a bad thing nowadays right? Meanwhile we bend over backwards to accommodate the Islamic religion Barack Hussein Obama is so fond of-but that’s a whole other story.

So the attempt to put Phil in line by allowing him to make what some believe are controversial comments and bring the show back to A&E’s original “Let’s make fun of white rednecks” format has backfired and backfired massively! The result has been millions of people demonstrating full support for Phil on all social media sites and from commentators on network television-even from the left! As it sits now, A&E’s plan to tame down the Robertson family and their mega hit show has resulted in a firestorm of boycotts and bad publicity and will ultimately cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Let’s all take a moment to pray to God and congratulate him on a huge victory-God Bless America and God Bless the Robertson family!  By Clark Kent-Americas Freedom Fighters



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