BREAKING: Afghan President Gives SHOCK Statement After Meeting With Trump, Obama ENRAGED


The left has been apoplectic about President Trump’s visit to the U.N., but his bullish ways are already starting to pay dividends.

Earlier this week, the President gave the boldest speech the U.N. has ever heard, outlining exactly what problems the world faces while telling other world leaders that America is going to confront them head-on. Of course, since he didn’t apologize for America, the left had a meltdown over President Trump’s speech, but the same can’t be said for the Afghan President, who had a meeting with Trump earlier today.


While President Trump’s speech was a stark contrast to those of the last eight years, his actions with other leaders appear to show an even sharper contrast, with President Ashraf Ghani praising the President’s leadership and thanking him for lifting the “cloud of uncertainty” created by Obama.

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Check it out, via IJ Review:


“It is a difference of day and night. The cloud of uncertainty has been lifted. But equally important is your commitment to political solution at the end of this process. What we want to assure the American people is that there is not going to be a combat role.

You have made that crystal clear, and we are committed to make sure that the Afghan people and the Afghan soldiers and Afghan officers will take the burden of responsibility. The modest additional troops that have been sent are to enhance the assist, support, advice mission, and that is playing a very crucial role.


Victory, political and military-wise is within our sight, and I would like to thank you for the thoroughness of the review and especially for ordering that all instruments of American power, military, diplomatic and economic, are brought together in a coherent plan of action to lift Afghanistan out of 40 years of crisis and to make it a platform for stability and prosperity.

And because of this, we understand and fully endorse the concept that you use. We do not ask for a blank check. We are determined to do what is ours, fight corruption, ensure that there is no waste of resources, full accountability for the results and significant momentum so the American people can know that under your wise leadership the results that were not within grasp will now be achieved.

Thank you, Mr. President.”

Isn’t that something?

It’s no wonder the left had such a meltdown over President Trump at the U.N. – they know he’s actually being effective, unlike the spineless pansy who just left the White House.

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