BREAKING: Airports And NUCLEAR PLANTS On High Alert- Official Statement Released

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WARNING: Terror Update

A potential nuclear-related terror plot is in the works according to the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and United States.  Britain’s nuclear power plants and airports have been ordered to be extra watchful following a tip-off that an attack is imminent.

Security services believe that the attack, unconventional in nature, would involve the use of laptops and electronic devices to hack into the networks and power grids of these installations in order to cause a meltdown or some other calamity.

Further, intel agencies are under the impression that ISIS and other terrorist groups have developed ways to bypass the standard security protocols implemented at airports which would allow them to evade security and sneak explosive devices on to aircrafts.

According to numerous sources, the above information has led US and UK officials to ban the use and transit of computers as well as large electronic devices on planes coming from certain trouble zones:

Now there are concerns that terrorists will use the techniques to bypass screening devices at European and US airports, the paper said.

There were also fears that computer hackers were trying to bypass nuclear power station security measures, it said.

Security services fear that some will nonetheless try to exploit “vulnerabilities” in the nuclear industry’s internet defences.

What is more alarming is that these tech-savvy terrorists have allegedly discovered ways to hide explosives in laptops that are still able to power on.  This would enable them to ‘prove’ the device was legitimate while still smuggling the bomb:

US intelligence officials have warned that groups including Isil and al-Qaeda may have developed ways to build bombs in laptops and other electronic devices that can fool airport security.

There are fears that terrorists made the breakthrough after obtaining airport screening equipment to allow them to experiment.

FBI experts have tested how the explosives can be hidden inside laptop battery compartments in a way that allows a computer still to be turned on.


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