Al Sharpton Has SICK Response To Prince’s Death, It’s Almost Unbelievable

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This past week, the world was shocked to learn of the death of pop music legend Prince after he was found unresponsive in his home. While most of the nation has been mourning the beloved star’s passing, Al Sharpton has different plans altogether, and they’re almost too disgusting to believe… almost.

If there’s one thing that Sharpton never does, it’s miss an opportunity to cash in on tragedies. After all, it’s how he’s amassed a fortune and become one of the country’s most infamous race pimps, so it stands to reason that when a black music superstar died in a shocking a tragic manner, Sharpton was right there to pounce at the opportunity.

Unfortunately I’m not kidding.

A report from Amsterdam News stated that he plans to hold a rally on Saturday at the National Action Network’s “House of Justice,” which is allegedly to honor Prince, but learning what the original intent of the planned rally was says everything we need to know.

Sharpton had first planned to “honor” a thug who pulled a gun on a cop and was swiftly and efficiently dispatched from earth by a hero cop delivering the taxpayer relief shot. His name was George Tillman, and according to reports, he wasn’t exactly a saint.

Tillman was fatally shot by NYPD officers on Sunday in Ozone Park, Queens. Reports indicate that he was allegedly holding an open alcohol container when officers approached him. Tillman had a gun on his waistband and allegedly ran as they approached him. Police say he reached for the weapon before officers opened fire shooting Tillman in the chest. He was pronounced dead at Jamaica Medical Center.

Shucks. That’s what happens when you pull a firearm on an officer of the law, but we all know that Sharpton doesn’t care.

Anyways, now that Prince has passed away, and in a brazen attempt to bolster his fundraising efforts, Sharpton attached the star’s name to the rally, which will undoubtedly draw more people in.

As the aftermath of the death of singer Prince continues, Sharpton will conduct a special memorial in honor of the legendary entertainer and humanitarian.

It really takes someone with absolutely zero shame to combine a tribute to a music legend with a rally in support of an armed thug who tried to kill police. But then again, Sharpton has shown numerous times that he both has zero class and zero shame, so this is merely par for the course.

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