ALERT: 4 Dead BODIES Discovered CARVED UP and MANGLED In N.Y.- Everyone SHOCKED By Who Did It


Four carved up bodies have been discovered at a Long Island park and police officials believe they were brutally murdered by members of the notorious Mexican gang, MS-13.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said the bodies of the four men were found at about 8 p.m. Wednesday in a wooded section between Clayton Street and Lowell Avenue in Central Islip. They were several hundred feet south from a nearby soccer field.

Sini would not release the identify of the four individuals — a 16-year-old boy, two 18-year-old men and a 20-year-old man — because they have been only tentatively identified.

“We will confirm that the manner of which they were killed is consistent with the modus operandi of MS-13,” Sini said, adding that investigators are still considering other possible motives.

Assistant Police Commissioner Justin Meyers told Fox 5 News that the victims were stabbed and, “suffered significant trauma through their bodies.”

Sini announced a $25,000 “fast cash reward” will be given to anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

“This is a long-term war, and make no mistake about it — it’s a war,” Sini said. “Today is a sad day in Suffolk County, particularly for the loved ones and the family members and the friends of those who were murdered, but we maintain our resolve.”

The homicides took place within the last two days, but the exact date and time was not released.

In a statement, County Executive Steve Bellone said he was outraged by the murders.

“These heinous acts will not go unpunished and our communities will not be intimidated by such cowardly violence,” Bellone said. “On behalf of all Suffolk County residents, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families, friends, and loved ones during this difficult period.”

We need to deport these savages and keep them out of our country permanently.

Our condolences go out to the families of the victims.

God Bless.

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