ALERT: ABC Slips Up Live On T.V. “Law Enforcement Is Targeting Conservatives If You Are Wearing THIS” It’s CONFIRMED


If you are white and wear a MAGA hat chances are that you are being targeted by Biden’s ‘Gestapo.’

If you wear a Black Lives Matter shirt and a ‘Kill the Police’ hat you have nothing to worry about.

Folks, white people are under attack by the left and by America’s largest Law Enforcement agencies.

Breitbart reports that ABC News senior national correspondent Terry Moran said Thursday during his network’s coverage of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that America has a continuing threat of domestic terrorism “based on the MAGA movement.”

Moran said, “I thought Representative Raskin, they all touched on this issue, he put it most forcefully, I think, when he said if we don’t draw the line here, what’s next? What makes you think this nightmare with Donald Trump and his violent mobs is over? And not just Trump. What makes you think it can’t happen to our democracy again? This thing is now in the bloodstream of the body politic. The FBI and law enforcement recognize that we have a domestic insurgency, domestic terrorism in this country based on the MAGA movement coming out of that.

So has “MAGA” now joined the ever growing list of who and what the government is targeting and labeling as “political extremism and white supremacy”?

It really should not come as a surprise at this point, due to fusion centers working with NSA, DHS and the ATF, to name a few, all under the Biden and Harris executive order to remove anyone they deem is a threat to their agenda.

Breitbart continued with their report:

He continued, “Obviously, not everybody who supported that is part of that. But no question, that’s where law enforcement has its eyes strained. Who is to say that if Trump is seemed to have been acquitted and exonerated and that that mob, you know, there’s no accountability for summoning it and directing it, who’s to say it’s not going to happen again?”

Biden promised they would go after political extremism as well as white supremacy, but they never gave a clear definition on who and what they deem as such.  Until now anyways, this isn’t just about the military and our soldiers, it is clearly about citizen’s as well.

The groups being targeted include those associated with QAnon, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the National Social Club 131, the “Kek” flag, the Boogaloo movement, the National Socialist Order, 14, 88, the swastika, the sonnenrad or sunwheel, the SS, the Celtic Cross, the WP “okay” hand symbol, the Archangel Michael Cross, the “Othala Rune”, the “Norse Algis Rune”, the “Totenkopf”, the Universal Order symbol, the nuclear symbol, and the ((( ))) “echo.” The descriptions of QAnon and the Oathkeepers are also accompanied by photos of protesters at the Capitol on January 6.  You can read the full article here.

No mention of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the New Black Panthers or many other groups affiliated with the left.

As has been reported in the past, under the new Biden executive order, political extremism and white supremacy are now considered domestic terrorist organizations.  The issue is that the government has not defined what “political extremism” is, even though they clearly have released the information to our military and law enforcement.

Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak asked Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA) about Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s claim that “extremism in the military” necessitates a 60-day “stand down” order across the armed services to address. You can read the full article here.

This has set a very dangerous precedent in the United States, one in-which a person’s freedom of choices and political beliefs can be used against them and face investigation and detainment.

It is heartbreaking to see our nation crumble and freedom become a myth.  Instead of being protected by the constitution, the new executive orders by Biden have turned citizens into walking targets simply for believing they have rights.

Make America Great Again is a phrase, a phrase that was supposed to bring hope and unity back to a nation.  Now flying flags and wearing articles of clothing that represent any of the above listed groups, can and most likely will, lead to citizens being targeted, labeled, investigated and possibly detained.

Can you say GESTAPO?

This is getting ludicrous. Where in the hell are the republican politicians to push back against these insane ideologies that Biden and Harris are passing through at lightning speeds?


Of course there are organizations and people who do support racism and hate on such levels that they should be investigated.  You know, the ones who take to the streets rioting, looting and burning down local businesses, murdering innocent citizens just so they can get whatever they want.

BLM and ANTIFA come to mind.





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