ALERT: Amazon Delivery Woman Takes MASSIVE Dump On Customers Curb… Homeowner Gives Her NASTY Surprise [VID]


Okay, this in just  plain nasty as hell! 

A video has surfaced that shows a black Amazon delivery person taking a dump on a customers front yard after delivering a package…

Wonderful, eh?

The incident happened in Sacramento, Commiefornia.

Nemy Bautista said it happened around 3 p.m. Tuesday, Fox 40 reports.

Bautista got home to find what he thought was dog poop, and checked his home surveillance to see if he could find the dog’s owner. Instead, Bautista says a woman driving a U-Haul van, delivering packages for Amazon, did the deed.

Bautista told FOX40 he contacted Amazon and a representative came to his home around 8:30 (5 hours later) that evening. He said the Amazon representative was unprepared to clean up the mess and had to borrow a bag.

Fox News has more:

“He didn’t have any gloves, nothing,” Bautista said. “He grabbed a plastic bag to scoop it up and I told him he couldn’t put it my [trash] can. I didn’t want it stinking up my can.”

The man asked Bautista if he could leave it beside the trash can, which he did. Bautista eventually put it in the trash can after the man left.

Amazon has apologized to Bautista and offered him a gift card. He told FOX40 that the company told him the driver “has been dealt with” but was unsure what that meant.

“This is a third-party provider – anyone can be a driver,” he told Fox News. “It’s a lack of professionalism. It’s very strange.”

But it seems as if the problems didn’t end there for Bautista.

He said the next day another Amazon delivery person, instead of walking up to his front door to drop off the package, was caught on camera throwing it from about 20 yards out.

“To put salt on the wound, we had another driver the next day that tossed the package. He tossed it instead of walking up the driveway,” said Bautista, adding that it landed on top of a rose bed. “It was a fragile porcelain figurine. It didn’t break.”

A representative with Amazon was “shocked” and profusely apologized for the second incident.

“I have lived in this home 17 years and I have never had back-to-back incident [like these],” Bautista added. “I am disappointed in how it was handled.”

Check out the video:


And Amazon wants you to give them the keys to your home. I don’t think so!


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