Anonymous has released a chilling video, RED CODE, about our fate if we don’t get our heads out of all the distractions that are strategically placed to keep us fighting. The real question is, can this really happen to America? Could genocide ever be carried out against segments of the American people in the modern age?

Just asking this question would get some to label the inquiry as “fear mongering” or a “conspiracy theory”. However, with the massive military and equipment movements taking place in our country in recent months, in conjunction with Jade Helm, we need to be asking questions, very serious questions like “Are we going to witness a genocide on American soil”?


From taking down the Confederate flag to the Supreme Court ruling of gay marriage, they are perfectly planned distractions to divide us even more. We have seen more racism with this administration than any other. They have pitted us against one another to cause a civil uprising, therefore resulting in Martial Law.

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For instance, he had tried to do away with the second amendment, but it’s not as easy as he thought. Our veterans would be our first line of defense and look at the horrible treatment they receive from our government. They would have the ability to organize and train their local community to resist the impinging tyranny. They would be the leaders of any guerrilla war movement, which surely would characterize any resistance movement. Veterans are presently receiving letters from the Veterans Administration, without probable cause, which state that they must submit to a competency hearing and “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition.


The attack on Christianity is blatantly obvious to the point of trying to eradicate it completely. They consider it a virus and as a way to stop the virus, they will confine Christians away from society stating “we are protecting children from bigots.” They will use reeducation and brainwashing of the mind from this disease. Those who are weak in their faith will give up and retort to non theism, while the strong will still believe and be killed off. This is all speculation and not fact, but with the recent hate on religion, it’s only a matter of time before that hate spills over in blood that is lead by reason and logic.

I could go on with many more, but these are just a few examples of what is happening under the current dictatorship. Please do your research and just take a step back to look at the big picture. People say I’m crazy until they find out I’m right. This is not fear mongering or some conspiracy theory, but it’s reality. Take a look at the urgent message in this video:


YouTube video via What They Don’t Want You To Know

The Obama Holocaust is upon us. Right now he has more ammunition than the entire U.S. population. He used our tax money to buy all the high tech weapons. Obama does not like the middle class people, only the rich. People think we run a Democracy, but we are actually running an Aristocracy (government ruled by rich people). The rich people control EVERYTHING such as banks, police, government, etc. The reason Obama wants to control the gun laws is so we cannot defend ourselves when the time comes he wants rid of us all. This Holocaust will be against his own country and soldiers will knock door-to-door for people, putting them in trucks, and driving them to FEMA camps. Yeah FEMA sounds like it’s a good place, but actually it’s hell. That’s where you will be exterminated. There are FEMA camps already made in this country in 5 areas. There have been sightings of thousands of plastic coffins at these camps. I am very against what our government has become. Since I am, the government considers me to be a terrorist. Well guess what, whether you like them or not, this Holocaust will happen in a few years. Ready or not, it’s coming. If you don’t agree with me, then watch for the day to come.




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  1. Can I wake up now? This nightmare is getting to me.

  2. Ford got a 26 billion dollar bail out 6 years before Chrysler and G,M

    and you can Google that

  3. Richard Semanski says:

    i went to the location of the pensacola florida fema camp .. umm it doesnt exist..

    • Are you telling us that you drove to the location? Which branch of the intelligence community do you work for Dick? NSA? CSS? I have worked with some former spies.

  4. Richard Semanski says:

    so you have time to talk but no time for facts or proof..

  5. Larry Walther says:

    Believe nothing – prepare for anything.

  6. William Power says:

    I don’t believe that this originated from Anonymous

  7. Marjie Snow-Almeter says:

    Full of shit where the mailboxes are concerned! The colored circle tabs let the people who deliver the paper know which ones the customer receives during the week and I know this as FACT!

    • JanetteMarshallGood says:

      I had two on my mail box and don’t get a paper. So did six family members. So why were they on my box and they were all different colors. Do you know it is illegal to put anything on a mail box? It is a federal offense.

  8. fcappucino says:

    On a previous web site people were posting comments on a topic ” Jade Helm.”
    People have reported seeing vacant land with military vehicles and soldiers parading around. Someone reported going down a rural road by accident and discovering these things. Several cities where citizens have reported all kinds of drills and exercises taking place at all odd hours in the night. Military helicopters ,etc have also been heard and seen.

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