ALERT: Anyone With A ‘Dont Tread On Me’ Flag Needs To Read This NOW

ALERT: If You Own A Gadsden Flag, GET RID OF IT NOW… Here’s The OUTRAGEOUS Reason Why


In 2015 a crazed racist punk killed nine black people in a Charleston church, and it ignited a push to have all things Confederate flag removed from the public sphere. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for the perpetually offended Social Justice Warriors of America ©, and now they’re going after another historical symbol – the beloved Gadsden flag.

Yes, in Obama’s America symbolism trump history, and feelings trump reason and logic, which is exactly why the Gadsden flag has now come under fire from the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. You see, in our fundamentally transformed Utopian paradise, when someone says they’re upset about the presence of symbols they find offensive, the thought police immediately move to ensure there’s no illegal violations of government-approved ideas or beliefs, and unfortunately I’m not kidding.

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After first finding that the Confederate flag is punishable racial harassment, the EEOC is now moving on down the line of historical symbols and investigating (read: determining how to create regulations) whether or not the displaying Gadsden flag, which the EEOC admits wasn’t created in any racial context whatsoever and hasn’t ever been used for racial displays, should be punishable racial harassment.

Do you feel like you’re living in the Twilight Zone yet? Just wait for it…

From the Washington Post:


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, among its other functions, decides “hostile work environment” harassment claims brought against federal agencies. In doing so, it applies the same legal rules that courts apply to private employers, and that the EEOC follows in deciding whether to sue private employers. The EEOC has already ruled that coworkers’ wearing Confederate flag T-shirts can be punishable harassment (a decision that I think is incorrect); and, unsurprisingly, this is extending to other political speech as well. Here’s an excerpt from Shelton D. [pseudonym] v. Brennan, 2016 WL 3361228, decided by the EEOC two months ago:


On January 8, 2014, Complainant filed a formal complaint in which he alleged that the Agency subjected him to discrimination on the basis of race (African American) and in reprisal for prior EEO activity when, starting in the fall of 2013, a coworker (C1) repeatedly wore a cap to work with an insignia of the Gadsden Flag, which depicts a coiled rattlesnake and the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Complainant stated that he found the cap to be racially offensive to African Americans because the flag was designed by Christopher Gadsden, a “slave trader & owner of slaves.” Complainant also alleged that he complained about the cap to management; however, although management assured him C1 would be told not to wear the cap, C1 continued to come to work wearing the offensive cap. Additionally, Complainant alleged that on September 2, 2013, a coworker took a picture of him on the work room floor without his consent. In a decision dated January 29, 2014, the Agency dismissed Complainant’s complaint on the basis it failed to state a claim . . . .

Complainant maintains that the Gadsden Flag is a “historical indicator of white resentment against blacks stemming largely from the Tea Party.” He notes that the Vice President of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters cited the Gadsden Flag as the equivalent of the Confederate Battle Flag when he successfully had it removed from a New Haven, Connecticut fire department flagpole.

After a thorough review of the record, it is clear that the Gadsden Flag originated in the Revolutionary War in a non-racial context. Moreover, it is clear that the flag and its slogan have been used to express various non-racial sentiments, such as when it is used in the modern Tea Party political movement, guns rights activism, patriotic displays, and by the military.

However, whatever the historic origins and meaning of the symbol, it also has since been sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts. For example, in June 2014, assailants with connections to white supremacist groups draped the bodies of two murdered police officers with the Gadsden flag during their Las Vegas, Nevada shooting spree. [Footnote: Shooters in Metro ambush that left five dead spoke of white supremacy and a desire to kill police, Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 8, 2014, available online at:] Additionally, in 2014, African-American New Haven firefighters complained about the presence of the Gadsden flag in the workplace on the basis that the symbol was racially insensitive. [Paul Bass, Flag Sparks Fire Department Complaint, New Haven Independent, Feb. 25, 2014, available online at:] Certainly, Complainant ascribes racial connotations to the symbol based on observations that it is sometimes displayed in racially-tinged situations.

In light of the ambiguity in the current meaning of this symbol, we find that Complainant’s claim must be investigated to determine the specific context in which C1 displayed the symbol in the workplace. In so finding, we are not prejudging the merits of Complainant’s complaint. Instead, we are precluding a procedural dismissal that would deprive us of evidence that would illuminate the meaning conveyed by C1’s display of the symbol.

So did you catch that? Even though the flag admittedly wasn’t created with any sort of racial component, and it’s widely seen as a symbol of our rich history, because a handful of people (that you can count on one hand) have used them in situations that might be perceived as racial, and oversensitive SJWs took offense to it, Obama’s jack-booted thugs at the EEOC are taking action.

I hate to say it, but this story begs the question of what’s next, the American flag? Hell, why stop there? Why not go ahead and ban anything and everything that even remotely offends someone. How does that sound?


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We can all walk around in race-neutral clothing – solid gray with no patterns as to not offend white or black people, and loose fitting to not offend the overweight – and drive race-neutral vehicles (same color as our clothes) to our race-neutral jobs (we’ll all collect welfare checks so that the unproductive, both black and white, aren’t offended) that don’t identify anybody by anything other than “you” or “they” (because we can’t have people using the improper gender pronouns or they’ll get offended) then come home to our race-neutral neighborhoods (we’ll make everything the ghetto so that nobody is offended by nice houses) after we drive through our race-neutral cities that are painted solid gray, have no signs, billboards, lights (they’re white, can’t have that) or anything that could possibly be perceived as racist or remind someone that slavery did happen but they weren’t ever a part of it. Only then we’ll all be able to live happily ever after in our monotone and boring lives, where everyone is equally miserable, creativity is all but stifled, and we’ve finally made it so that nobody is offended because there’s absolutely nothing that could possibly offend anyone.

This is seriously getting ridiculous.

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