ALERT: Assassination Attempt On President Trump Thwarted… And It’s All Caught On Video

Car Plunges Out Of Woods Toward Trump’s Presidential Motorcade…


A vehicle careened through a wooded area and attempted to ram President Donald Trump’s “Beast” limousine in Springfield, Missouri on Wednesday. The incredible video of the close-call was captured by spectators trying to get a glimpse of the Trump motorcade.


Stunned onlooker Clayte Hefner  inadvertently captured the moment on camera phone, amid fears the driver was attempting to ram the car while the presidential motorcade driving by.  The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and it shows a white car suddenly appearing from a wooded area.

The white car then starts barreling towards the presidential motorcade as they drove down Kearney Street before eventually crashing into a concrete drain culvert and gets turned sideways.  The car ended up on the grassy strip on the side of the road.


You can hear a man shouting in the video while the heavily guarded presidential motorcade and the limo carrying the President himself are making their way down the road.

“Oh my gosh! Look at the car that came out of the woods. That car right there just drove out of the woods!”

Hefner states he observed two women inside the car as it appeared from the woods.  The vehicle then hit a ditch and was disabled.

The Springfield Police  later said the driver had driven down an embankment from a nearby Bass Pro warehouse. The incident is being blamed on the mechanical failure of the car’s brake system and the driver and her passenger are reported to be shaken but okay after the harrowing ordeal.

The driver was reported to be okay and the police are reporting no injuries and no arrests occurred as a result of the incident.

The Secret Service agent driving “the Beast” quickly moved to the opposite side of the highway after spotting the vehicle emerging from the wooded and grass-covered area. Meanwhile, a grey Chevrolet Suburban, likely Secret Service, moved toward the vehicle. It is unlikely the Suburban would have had time to intercept the white car before getting to President Trump’s car if it had maintained its speed. Secret Service agents can be seen swarming the vehicle after it stopped.

However, ramming “the Beast” would likely be an extremely poor decision for anyone that tried to do such a thing on purpose.  Aside from the security precautions and the lengthy motorcade,  “The Beast,” weighs some 20,000 pounds with armor plating 8 inches thick. Its doors are extremely heavy, weighing as much as those on a Boeing 757 airplane. The windows are five inches thick with bulletproof glass. The bus-size Goodyear tires are Kevlar-reinforced and allow the car to continue to drive even when flat.

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