ALERT: Black Lives Matter Lawyer Calls On Blacks To KILL White People- What He Said After Is More SICK


Elie Mystal, a black lawyer and an editor for a popular black legal website, has issued a call out to black jurors across the United States:

“Urging all black Americans who end up on juries to engage in “jury nullification” by automatically voting to acquit all blacks accused of crimes, especially that of murder, against white victims and to do so no matter how much evidence is brought to bear against the suspect.”

Mystal justified this lawlessness by claiming that “African-Americans live in a world where the police can murder us and get away with it.”



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Seeming to realize that voting to free obviously guilty murderers based on the race of the victim is a horrendous concept, Mystal insisted that it is the only way to “fix” the system.

“Murder? … what the hell do you think is happening to black people out here? What the hell do you think we’re complaining about when your cops shoot us or choke us? Acquit. Don’t throw “murder” at me like it’s some kind of moral fault line where the risk of letting one go is too great. Black people ARE BEING MURDERED, and the system isn’t doing a damn thing to hold their killers accountable. Sorry I’m not sorry if this protest idea would put the shoe on the other foot for a change.”




Mystal goes on to call whites who have had a crime committed against them or who have been murdered a “purported ‘victim’” and says blacks have no responsibility to help any white person “achieve justice.”


This guy is on his own planet…  He needs to have his right to practice removed and barred from ever being able to practice law again.

This nutjob is just another example of the Obama America, where white males are now to be attacked and white cops are to be shot.

“Maybe it’s time for black people to use the same tool white people have been using to defy a system they do not consent to: jury nullification. White juries regularly refuse to convict or indict cops for murder. White juries refuse to convict vigilantes who murder black children. White juries refuse to convict other white people for property crimes. White juries act like the law is just a guideline and their personal morality (or lack thereof) should be controlling.” ~Elie Mystal

You know what it sounds like to me?  Sounds like the guy keeps losing court cases and most likely to white lawyers, so now it’s all racial blah blah blah.

“White people would lose their s**t, that’s what would happen,” Mystal continues in his screed. “Suddenly, The New York Times would pull reporters off the ‘understanding Trump voters’ beat and you’d start seeing stories like ‘Hmm… It Appears Negros Have Some Grievances Too.’”

This is what Obama wanted, racism in its truest form, the real hatred towards white people.  It is fools like this black racist spewing nutjob that keep the fires burning and spreading.

Hating a person because of the color of their skin, is insane, it is pure Cultural Marxism propaganda.

Guess what, I am white! Calm down, I do not hate anyone because of their skin color.  I personally evaluate a person on their actions, their integrity and honor.

If a person is a thug then color has 0 to do with it, they are just a scumbag waste of skin and oxygen.

Don’t use the “N” word around me, that is correct, you cannot say “NICE” about me.  Why?  Because I do not believe in, “safe places” and “words hurt” and “black lives matter” and “NO Gender Bathrooms” and the list goes on!

This is America and we need to get back to being honest and put a boot in that and I mean right now!  Hard work and DOING the work, making America great again and dissolving this generation where if a woman “identifies” as a man then she is a he!  What?!?!

I digress, racism has put white males as targets of opportunities and white LEO’s as shoot to kill.  Obama is the source and he carried out George Soros’s orders perfectly and now simply being a white male has put us on the endangered species list.

Let me finish with one last thought…

The 2nd Amendment allows you to carry a firearm and if you choose to exercise that right, then take training classes and get range time in weekly.

United States Vets know how vital it is to have range therapy and to be trained to act accordingly to your environment.  Oh and Black Lives Matter is by federal law, a domestic terrorists group thus this ignorant lawyer should be arrested and charged.  HUA!

(h/t  WARNER TODD HUSTON at Breitbart)

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