ALERT: Castro Demanding The USA Pay Cuba Millions Of Dollars For 50-Year Trade Embargo…

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Hey here’s a brilliant idea! Let’s lift the 50 year old embargo from Cuba, after all it hasn’t accomplished anything with the exception of keeping one of the world’s most vile, filthy Communist leaders in check but HEY! It’s really not a nice thing for America to have done. It’s unfair.

As you know, that is exactly what Obama wants done. Or better yet- undone.

And now the commie tyrant, Fidel Castro wants the U.S.A. to pay him MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for the damage the embargo inflicted on his wonderful country. And my guess is that Obama will be more than happy to ‘reimburse’ the commies with our hard earned tax dollars.

Havana (AFP) – Fidel Castro marked his 89th birthday Thursday by insisting the United States owes Cuba “many millions of dollars” because of the half-century-old American trade embargo.

Castro spoke out in an essay published in local media a day before US Secretary of State John Kerry makes a historic visit to Cuba to reopen the US embassy as part of the countries’ restoration of diplomatic relations.

The trade embargo that the United States slapped on communist Cuba in 1962, three years after Castro seized power by ousting a US-backed regime, remains in effect despite the thaw.

Uh, well Happy Birthday you old commie scumbag.


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