ALERT: Clinton Launches Sick Move To Force Gun Companies To Shut Down… SPREAD THIS #2A


Hillary Clinton is following Obama’s lead, calling for unrealistic and severe gun control measures. The renewed push by anti-gun Democrats comes in the wake of the shootings in Oregon at Umpqua Community College where 10 people were killed.

On Monday Clinton unveiled a sweeping gun control proposal that included expanding background checks, closing the “gun show loophole” and Internet sales and allowing victims of gun violence to sue firearm manufacturers. Unbelievable.

These lawsuits she is advocating for against gun manufacturers would force most companies to go out of business, and realistically it would pave the way for anyone to sue for anything that happens as a result of a product being involved. For example, a drunk driver kills a person driving a Ford. The victim’s family, theoretically would be able to sue Ford for millions. Or they would have the go ahead to sue the company that produces the alcohol. It just makes no sense. It is absolutely absurd. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.


Conservative Tribune adds:

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Hillary also, like Obama, has virtually ignored the sick and evil individual who actually committed the crime that stole the lives of innocent students and teachers, focusing her rage instead on the National Rifle Association and gun owners.


“What is wrong with us that we can’t stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers they represent?” she asked.

Hillary also intimated that, if elected, she wouldn’t wait for Congress to act on gun control legislation, instead using executive action to bring about the infringements on our natural right to keep and bear arms she so desires.


Which is one more good reason to make sure she is never elected.

Hillary wants to disarm law abiding citizens. How about you eliminate the armed security team that surrounds you and your family? We will never see all the elite gun grabbers relinquish their armed guards, but yet they are hell-bent on disarming the good citizens who place their votes for them to ensure their rights. It’s absolutely pathetic.

True Americans are not going to just bow to unconstitutional gun laws passed by sorry politicians, who only want to protect their own skin. NY Legislators voted for the SafeAct. Even County Sheriffs will not enforce these infringements on our constitutional rights. You are either an American and believe in our liberties, or a communist who needs to leave this country. It’s that simple you filthy liberals- get with it or get the hell out!


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