ALERT: If You Had A Diamond Ring Repaired At This MAJOR Jewelry Store, You Need To Know THIS


A bombshell investigation has revealed that Kay Jewelers has been ripping off unsuspecting customers by swapping out fake diamonds for real ones in their engagement rings! 

There are numerous reports of people bringing their rings into the specialty retailer for repairs and when they get their rings back, the diamond has in fact been swapped out- unbelievable.

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BuzzFeed tracked down eight women had this happen. One woman is Chrissy Clarius.


She says that the diamond in her $4,299.99 engagement ring was swapped out for a cheap stone worth only about $900. While Kay maintained the stone was a diamond, two other jewelers determined it had been swapped with moissanite — a far less expensive stone.

“It was discovered that it was moissanite and not a diamond, and set [in] platinum, not white gold,” she said. “I felt sick to my stomach.”

The couple were devastated. On March 23 they went to another local Baltimore jeweler, Smyth, for a second test — which also showed the stone was moissanite. But when they took the ring to Kay, Clarius said the stone tested as a diamond.

Photo/ Chrissy Clarius

Photo/Chrissy Clarius

Since she posted a complaint on Kay’s Facebook page, Clarius says “hundreds” of people have contacted her with similar stories.

The women who claim their diamonds were swapped say the experience was heartbreaking. That’s how Hannah LaFlam, a wife and mother from Vermont, described the situation with her Kay diamond to BuzzFeed News.

She said she told the Kay employee that she was sure this wasn’t her diamond. The sales associate didn’t check her certification number, but assured her it was the right ring.

“She said, ‘It’s just because you haven’t seen it for a while,’” LaFlam said.

LaFlam said she left, but still didn’t feel right. Once she got outside, she became more and more convinced that her diamond, which she had loved so much, wasn’t the diamond now on her finger.


Hannah LaFlam’s original diamond (left), and the diamond she got back from Kay.

V Saxena at Conservative Tribune has more on this:

Thankfully, LaFlam’s story at least ended happily, in that she was able to prove via the serial number that the diamond had in fact been swapped. Using this evidence, she forced Kay Jewelers to track down her original diamond and return it to her.

For hundreds of other customers, however, the outcome has not been so sweet. Nor has the corporation been all that understanding.

A vice president for the company that owns Kay, Signet Jewelers, said cases like those of Clarius and LaFlam were “minimal.”

“Every year we’ve got millions of transactions and millions of repairs we are processing in our stores,” David Bouffard, Signet vice president for corporate affairs, told BuzzFeed.

Sorry, but that is no excuse, especially when you are talking about very expensive diamonds that also hold a great deal of sentimental value. Either resolve this problem, or expect your business to decline faster than Target’s.

God Bless.



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