ALERT: DO NOT Let Your Children Watch Disney- They Just Teamed Up With RAP Group That Promotes THIS- BOYCOTT NOW




Disney has long considered themselves “woke” as well as part of the “cancel culture”, when in reality, all they truly consist of are rich CEO’s in suits doing everything they can to fleece as much money out of people as they can.

Disney clearly has no more morals nor should anyone want Disney in their homes due to the indoctrination Disney spews out.

Breitbart reports that members of the Grammy-winning rap group The Roots are teaming up with Disney Junior for several animated short films aimed at teaching kids aged 2 to 7 about race, racism, and social justice issues.

The project, entitled Rise Up, Sing Out, is set to be executive produced by The Roots members Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter.

“We hope these shorts will encourage the young audience to recognize and celebrate our differences as human beings while learning the tools to navigate real-world issues of racial injustice,” Thompson and Trotter said in a statement, according to the Associated Press.

They added that their hope is to “empower and uplift the future generations in the way we know best, through music.”

In what should be considered emotional child abuse, Disney indoctrinating children with critical race theory and social learning will do nothing to heal and unite our nation.  All this will do is teach children to hate and create social division at a very young age.

These fools who want children to “learn” about critical race theory and social justice, are horrifically selfish and only thing of their agenda and not what this will do to children!

Breitbart continues:

Disney Junior general manager and senior vice president Joe D’Ambrosia, added that they recognize that children are “experiencing a multitude of feelings around what’s happening in our world today” and the new project is aimed at helping parents discuss “sensitive issues around race” with their children.

D’Ambrosia also said that the series of short cartoons will give parents “the tools and knowledge to address these important topics with their preschoolers in an age-appropriate manner through music and relatable kid experiences.”

An activist group called The Conscious Kid will consult on the project, Disney Junior said. The organization describes itself as being “dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth.”

Rise Up, Sing Out may debut across all Disney Junior platforms as early as the end of this year.

The ONLY thing corporations understand is loss of revenue and Disney does not deserve a single damn cent from any legal red-blooded American!


Stop falling for the moronic racism, speak out for what is right and stand against that which is wrong! Our nation needs all of us to unite and put an end to this invasion of hate and destruction of unity, but we don’t see that happening.

Breitbart closed with:

The announcement comes on the heels of controversy over leaked documents showing Disney promoting critical race theory to its employees, pushing the notion that a long history of “systemic racism” exists in Americas.

The company has become increasingly political, publicly supporting with the Black Lives Matter movement. Disney has remained silent, however, on its business in China and that communist regimes human rights atrocities.

This is just another move by Disney that shows just how ignorant their CEO’s are as well as another corporation caving and catering to the 14% of the populace throwing temper tantrums and demanding racism and hate be indoctrinated into American Values.

One can only hope people are getting sick and tired this obvious manipulation and simply start ignoring it!  Turn off televisions, stop letting schools indoctrinate hate and division and take back the power from the government propaganda machine.


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