ALERT: Dozens Of Homeless ANTIFA Terrorists Take Over Motel- Make THIS Demand [VID]


A group of homeless ANTIFA thugs have taken over a Travelodge motel and are refusing to leave which has the owner furious.

The group rented out 16 rooms, paid for the first night and are now demanding that the government pick up the tag.

It’s insane.

The thugs try to justify the illegal takeover by claiming it will help the struggling owner but that is just total garbage. It’s nothing more than a filthy scam!

Allan Miller at 100 Percent FED Up reports that a spokesperson for a Seattle-area ANTIFA group known as Tacoma Housing Now said they are trying to help the owner of a Fife, Washington, Travelodge by occupying rooms that could otherwise be booked to someone else, according to a video tweeted by KING5 reporter Sebastian Robertson.

Spokesperson for Tacoma Housing Now:

“We paid for the first night and now we’re demanding that the city and county pay for the other nights we’ve been here.”

Group paid for 16 rooms for homeless on Christmas Eve. Has no plans to move out until demands are met.


Journalist Andy Ngo tied the actions to an ANTIFA extremist group known as “It’s Going Down.” The group claims to be “veterans” of the Antifa street battles in Olympia, Washington.

The group says they will not pay for the rooms going forward. Instead, they want the government to pay.

“Like most or all hotel owners he’s struggling right now because of the pandemic. In fact, we are bringing business to the hotel. We paid for the first night. And we’re demanding that the city and county pay for the other nights that we’ve been here,” Parson told King5 News.

Travelodge franchise owner Shawn Randhawa told the local NBC affiliate he was surprised by the group’s occupation. He said he is not allowing the staff to clean the rooms as they remain occupied without paying rent.

“Here are these people, booking for one night. Cheat me into it and now are trying to tell me that I’m doing something. I’m not against nobody but somebody needs to be paying for it,” Randhawa explained. He said local police refuse to help remove the people under trespassing laws.


Q13 Fox reporter John Hopperstad tweeted that more than 40 homeless people are staying in the 15 rooms. He says the group wants Pierce County to pay for the housing.

“More than 40 homeless folks are occupying this Travelodge in the Tacoma/Fife area. Advocates say its up to Pierce County to pay for their housing in dangerously cold temps. The motel owner says if something isn’t done he may be forced out of business.”

Fife City Manager Hyun Kim told KOMO News, “We have meetings in the coming days to discuss what can we do to get these folks that are staying here that have come off the streets the help they need.”

Pierce County Council Member Pam Roach told King5 News she wants the squatters to leave.

“This is an occupation by the homeless of an establishment to raise money,” Roach told the reporter. “They came in here fraudulently. They are stealing from the man on a daily basis.”

Randhawa told the KOMO it is only a matter of days before he will have to shut down his property and lay off his staff of ten employees. He said the occupiers have driven away most of his paying customers by the protests in the parking lot.

“Rain falling on Travelodge in Fife where dozens of homeless folks are still occupying 16 rooms demanding Pierce County pay for housing. At least 2 of them have also tested positive for #Covid. City Manager finalizing plan for alternative housing. No guarantee group will leave.”

Great. Covid infected ANTIFA thugs take over an entire motel and the cops won’t do anything?

This is totally outrageous!

Someone needs to go there and kick those filthy scumbags to the curb!

Do you agree?

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