ALERT: Fauci Called All Trump Supporters THIS- He Needs To Be LOCKED UP NOW!!!


Fauci has spun so many tall tales that not even he can keep them straight!  The man has lied to the American Public and people have suffered and died because of his lies.



The time to hold him accountable for his lies is now, people must demand that Fauci be investigated and detained for crimes against humanity.

Breitbart reports that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that the supporters of former President Donald Trump “resent” him because they did not “understand” that comments and recommendations he made during the Trump administration have changed under the Biden administration because the data evolves with time.

Fauci said, “Yeah, I mean there is no doubt there are people out there, for one reason or another, resent me for what I did in the last administration, which was not anything that was anti-Trump at all. It was just trying to get the right information, to try and get the right data. What they didn’t seem to understand —I guess that it is understandable that they didn’t understand it— that science is a dynamic process.”

Before we get into the little weasels statements, it is very important to understand that Fauci is not the mastermind behind his lies, he is just another puppet of the deep state and he is doing what he is told.  That does not get him off the hook for his criminal lies but what it does do, is open the flood gates to start pulling into the public eye exactly who is behind these deep state crimes.

This is literally deep state mentality 101, distract and slander people so that they ignore what the right is doing with the dagger.

Breitbart continued with Fauci’s lies and insults:

He continued, “So something that you know in January—you make a recommendation or a comment about it. But as you get more and more information, the information leads you to change. Because that is what science is, it is a self-correcting process.

So when you hear someone say something at one point, then two or three months later, if you stick with what you said at the original time when you had one-fifth the amount of data that you have now, I think that would be inappropriate.

It is appropriate, although sometimes it is difficult for people to understand, how as you learn more and more, you have to continue to evolve with the data.

That is what I was trying to do, is always tell the truth on the basis of what the data is.

It was never deliberately something against the president.”

Referencing the Freedom of Information Act release of thousands of pages of his emails, Fauci added, “In fact, you spoke about my emails, if you look at my emails, I never in the emails said anything derogatory about President Trump.”

The hubris these narcissistic democrats ooze with is infuriating, especially when it comes to how they actually view those who disagree with them!

According to the left, if a person disagrees with them then those people are extremely dumb, political extremists as well as white nationalists that are part of former President Trumps Army.

Yes, that is exactly what Biden and his regime have been saying for months!

Fauci back pedals and trips over his own lies so often that even the democrats are starting to wonder what in the hell is Fauci thinking.

He is not solely responsible for the “Mask Mandates, Social Distancing, Shut downs and quarantines”  however, he CHOSE to lie and he CHOSE to enforce unconstituitional laws on the American public.  That is fact and the evidence is mounting on a daily basis.

It appears the democrats are going to let Fauci take the fall so that they can keep their names out of it but the blunt truth is, Biden and every damn democrat is responsible for these actions and it is every citizens duty to ensure they are held accountable.

So why are people so complacent?


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