ALERT: If You Get Asked For A Signature From Deliveryman- STOP! Here’s The IMPORTANT Reason Why [VIDS]


An incident in Houston in which an armed home invasion took place teaches us a valuable lesson that you need to see.

Be very cautious about opening your door for deliveries from UPS, FED EX and others because they just might be knocking on your door to ROB YOU!

ABC 13 reports that police say a man dressed in a uniform typically worn by full-time UPS delivery drivers rang the doorbell of Lawrence Berry with a large package in hand. Police say he claimed to need a signature. When the homeowners opened the door, the man and three others stormed the front door and assaulted the homeowner with a pistol. At some point during the struggle, a shot was fired, but no one was struck.

“I opened the door, and as soon as I do, he grabs the 45 and sticks it in my face,” Berry said.

Take a look at the security camera footage:

YouTube video courtesy of ABC News

His wife grabbed their two small children and were able to lock themselves in closets. Police say the men stole several pieces of jewelry and collectible firearms.

Berry suffered severe neck and head injuries and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

He was beaten and shocked with a taser four times and suffered serious head trauma.

“I’m just super concerned about my children and my wife. It’s just a frightening event. Everyone needs to be cognizant of the fact that this can happen to anybody,” Berry said in an exclusive interview with ABC 13.

The suspects stole several pieces of jewelry and collectible firearms before fleeing the scene in a getaway car, police said.

Authorities are cautioning homeowners in the area to not open the door if they don’t recognize their regular delivery person.

In a statement, UPS said it was aware of the incident in Houston and added that it is “cooperating with law enforcement as they are leading the investigation.”

“We appreciate the public’s trust extended to our delivery personnel and hope the perpetrator is quickly apprehended and [brought] to justice,” UPS said.



The company also offered advice:

“If consumers are concerned about the identity of UPS personnel, they should ask to see a photo I.D. Consumers can also direct that the parcel be left at the door without a signature required. Residents do not have to sign for a delivery unless they specifically ordered that the delivery be made with ‘signature required.’

“Further, UPS offers online services including UPS My Choice, which provides email alerts on the delivery status and time frame for the delivery. Shipments also can be routed to a local UPS Access Point location if the consumer prefers to pick up the parcel at a nearby neighborhood UPS Store or other participating retailer, rather than having it delivered at their residence.”

Anyone with information on the identities of the wanted suspects is urged to contact the HPD Robbery Division at 713-308-0700 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Let’s hope these animals get caught and put in cages, where they belong.

Patriots, heed this warning and be alert and vigilant. Stay armed and ready to protect yourselves and your family members.

It’s a dangerous world out there and it seems as if these criminals are multiplying like rabbits these past 8 years.

Coincidence? No. Obama…

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(h/t Conservative Tribune)

God Bless.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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God Bless.

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