ALERT: If You Spot A Duffle Bag On The Road, Here’s Why You Should NOT Stop…


Edward Charles Gilhart, 60, of Hancock, Maryland was driving to work one morning when he spotted an abandoned duffle bag on the road. He got out of his car to check it out and what happened next is terrifying. 

Three thugs had planted the duffle bag on the road in an attempt to lure a passing motorist to stop, and then rob the motorist. The thugs hid behind a large rock and when Gilhart exited his car, they ambushed him.


He held up his hands while saying “don’t shoot” to the two men approaching him armed with handguns but one of the thugs didn’t listen, according to his alleged accomplice, and shot the 60-year-old man several times with his .357 magnum.

They shot him and stole his wallet which contained a measly $24 dollars. Unbelievable.

According to PennLive, the victim was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds and had injuries that indicated he had been struck by a vehicle, state police in Chambersburg said.

Charged were Ryan Lynn Horton, 27; Christian Sage Harris, 19; and Emily Belle Tucker, 21.

Christian S. Harris (left), 19; Ryan L. Horton (middle) 27; and Emily Belle Tucker (right), 21, have all been charged in connection with a motorist's death in Franklin County. (Franklin County Prison. )

Christian S. Harris (left), 19; Ryan L. Horton (middle) 27; and Emily Belle Tucker (right), 21, have all been charged in connection with a motorist’s death in Franklin County. (Franklin County Prison. )

Police said the details came to light when Tucker walked into the police station to report a domestic assault between her and Horton and spilled the beans. She said that Horton came up with the plan to stage the roadside robbery. Tucker said Horton and Harris wanted her to be the get-away driver.


State police report Gilhart had a gunshot wound on the left side of his head, his back and the front of his shoulder. He had also been ran over by a passing motorist who stopped and called 911.

All three have been charged with criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy, robbery and theft by unlawful taking. They are in Franklin County prison being held without bail.

It’s incomprehensible how a man can lose his life over $24.

These scumbags need to be locked in cages for the rest of their pathetic lives.


R.I.P. Edward Charles Gilhart

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God Bless.

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