ALERT: Mexican Sex Trafficking PIMPS Invading U.S.A… These Are The Scum Of The Earth #NoAmnesty



One of the few things Government is responsible for is the defense of our border. They have refused to do so, especially under the current administration.

Unfortunately they show images of children and play to the sympathies of the general public while ignoring the criminals crossing into the U.S. on a daily basis.

Until Mexicans clean up their own lot, send them ALL back. No Mexican should be allowed any leniency until they clean up and dispose of their criminals.

According to the Mexico City Human Rights Commission, as many as 70,000 minors in Mexico are victims of human trafficking. Most of them are subjected to forced labor, but a significant number are forced into prostitution. Over the last decade, the problem has crossed the U.S. border. The arrests of 13 people in New York state in late April suggests pimps are also fond of getting cash, not only in Mexican pesos, but also in U.S. dollars.

According to authorities, the suspects worked a “sex trafficking corridor,” transporting women from the small town of Tenancingo, in the central Mexican state of Tlaxcala, to the New York area. Over a period of seven years, federal officials say, dozens of women were exploited; some of them were illegally transported from Mexico. Once in the United States, they were forced to have sex with as many as 30 customers per day, according to the federal complaint charging all 13 suspects. Victims were paid $30 to $35, the complaint says. Their driver would keep half. The other half went to the pimp, and the victims were left with nothing.

Federal agents conducted raids at six locations, including four brothels in Yonkers, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Queens. If convicted, the suspects face anywhere from two years in prison to life. Humberto Padgett is a Mexican journalist who wrote a book titled “Intimate Portrait of a Pimp.” Based on years of research and interviews with victims and pimps, the book describes how Mexican pimps operate and how they exploit their victims. Padgett says trafficking young women in Mexico has increased faster than drug trafficking in recent years.


In the US if authorities ask for the status or identification of an illegal they are called “racists”and aren’t allowed to do it. So the conditions for slavery are perfect in the U.S., no amount of writing embassies will help. People can walk around doing whatever they want to other people because no one can investigate or ask questions because it might hurt someone’s feelings. This is the new liberal America we live in.

People are too blind to see that they care not for human life, it’s about votes! If they cared for anyone they would first take care of the millions of American people that are homeless and starving. WAKE UP AMERICA!

It is time the government had a data base for illegals so they can track these criminals. Citizens deserve protection and ignoring or denying the problem is not the answer. I would be willing to say that would take a degree of commonsense in which our government has never been accused having very much of.




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