ALERT: Multiple Reports of Electric Vehicles EXPLODING! [VIDEOS]



Florida’s chief fire marshal and financial officer said there are a ‘ton of EVs disabled’ from hurricanes which are causing major problems in the aftermath of these hurricanes.

You see, these wonderful electric vehicles have special batteries that catch on fire when being exposed to water and these fires are extremely hard to extinguish.

If you drive through a freaking puddle you could be screwed!

They can’t put these fires out with water and a lot of these EV’s are exploding!

Fox News reports that EV batteries that have been waterlogged in the wake of the hurricane are at risk of corrosion, which could lead to unexpected fires, according to Jimmy Patronis, the state’s top financial officer and fire marshal.

“There’s a ton of EVs disabled from Ian. As those batteries corrode, fires start,” Patronis tweeted Thursday.

“That’s a new challenge that our firefighters haven’t faced before. At least on this kind of scale.”

From MATT HOLLOWAY  at The GOP Times:

“It takes special training and understanding of EVs to ensure these fires are put out quickly and safely,” he continued in a follow-up tweet.

“Thanks to [North Collier Fire Rescue] for their hard work.”


Patronis published a video clip of firefighters in Naples, Florida, fighting a fire started from a Tesla EV’s battery.

An onlooker is overheard in the video clip stating that the staff had actually spent “hundreds of gallons” of water trying to put the fire out.

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