ALERT: Muslim Men Caught Purchasing Mass Quantities of THIS at Home Depot… This CAN’T Be Good (VIDEO)

There’s a disturbing photo making the rounds on social media that shows two men, one dressed in a Muslim religious outfit, loading a suspicious number of propane tanks into a truck in Florida.

The Muslims were seen loading around 30 propane tanks onto the back of their pickup truck at a Home Depot store in Miami.

Tracy Cottrell posted the picture on Facebook with this caption:

“Why would anyone need that many bottles of propane?”


Why WOULD anyone need all those propane tanks?

There are many reasons that this is alarming. 

As we reported, the FBI is investigating bulk purchases of cellphones by Muslim men at Walmart stores. These are notoriously used by the jihads as detonating devices for bombs as well as a means of untraceable communication.

Also, there have been thefts of massive amounts of propane tanks in that same area.

And as we reported, a massive cache of ‘volatile explosives’ was discovered, again in the same area.

Add this all together and it looks as if these people are preparing for some major terror attacks.

And, ISIS just released a chilling ‘execution video’ which shows them killing captives by detonating buried explosives using a cellphone.

These pictures below will show you exactly why Muslims buying mass quantities of propane tanks is cause for concern.


This is just one example of how these propane tanks can be used in acts of terrorism.

Take a look at what a 20-LB propane tan looks like when it explodes and you’ll see why the authorities are taking this seriously, or at they should be.

WARNING: Do not, under any circumstances, try to re-create this video at home. It is extremely dangerous and can cause severe injury or death.

Now, do you see what we are talking about? These terrorists utilize all sorts of things to commit their violent acts of terror. Do pressure cookers ring a bell?

Christmas is a time celebrated by Christians and other Americans which means that there will be huge crowds at malls, parades and people will be traveling on subways, trains, highways and in the air. This is the perfect time for these jihads to attack.

Our friends at Mad World News have this to say:

Cellphones and propane tanks go hand in hand. Bombs made from these tanks can be scattered throughout the country and detonated from anywhere. It’s my personal belief that terrorists will strike city venues in places where people feel like that “wouldn’t happen here” and let their guard down. While Time’s Square on New Years Eve would certainly be a huge bang for a terrorist’s buck, their efforts may be stopped by the excessive law enforcement in a place like that, before they can go off. But putting bombs in malls and large gatherings throughout middle America and setting them off simultaneously would be easier for attackers and likely more effective.

The question has already arisen – if they were preparing for an attack, why would they be so obvious in doing so? There is a clear answer for that, which we can thank the left for. Potential attackers are brazen and empowered by political correctness. This is why San Bernardino attackers could plot away in suburbia and their neighbors knew it was weird, but didn’t report it out of fear that they would be labeled as a “profiling” bigot. What feels worse than offending someone, is finding out that your suspicions were right after learning that what you were afraid was happening came to fruition, but by then, people are dead because it wasn’t reported.


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God Bless.

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