ALERT: New Black Panthers Call For Blacks To ‘KILL ALL WHITE SLAVE MASTERS…’ (Video)

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  1. Diane Crouse says:

    Hey you can still get on a boat to Hatie.

  2. Sandy Pfaff says:

    Uh maybe he should look around …he is slightly outnumbered there…13 percent of total population is Black…thanks to abortion…1 in 3 Black men are in prison today…then there are about 60 percent of USA citizens who legally own weapons. Not to mention the ONLY slave owners today or most of them are ISIS!!!!! Not Whites baby…so he is kind being stupid here….

  3. Alex Toth says:

    Does this clown want to eliminate the entire black population? That’s what would happen if a true race war erupted. Would I shoot first? maybe not, but if i’m not hit , my shots ,legally, would be in self defence, and that makes it LEGAL. There would probably be more than one, sooo, If I took out more than one, I had no idea which one started it, I was just protecting myself, RIGHT? Now, before that starts, this POS is offering THREATS, and that’s illegal. Hey…Justice Department, where are you?

    • The only slave owners today is the federal government . The government takes from the hard working public (making them a slave to the government ) . Then the government gives housing, food, medical and obama phones to the non-working public (in essence making them a voting slave to the government) The only difference is who has to work and who doesn’t, but we are all slaves !!

  4. Arthur Nickerson says:

    “Black Layers for Justice” ??? What kind of Chicken S**t out fit is that? Sounds like some kind of poultry farm.

  5. ransomed77 says:

    Mr. President, your comments please.

    • If Obama has to answer for Shabazz’s statements, then all of you have to answer for Duggar’s crimes.

      Doesn’t your Bible say that he who commits a sin is responsible for it?

      Why the f**k would you blame Obama for someone else’s statements, then?

      I swear, Conservatives irk me. Many of you are so stupid.

      • Allan Raymound says:

        Hum, Steven…nice try but your argument is a totally non sequitur (look it up if you have to). Obama is the President, the Duggar’s are on TV show. Obama foments division and inflames racial tensions.

        I don’t know what it is with you Obamaphiles, but you’ve turned your brain off to defend your lord at any coast. You sir are brainwashed idiot!

        • Non sequitur? Not hardly. The element of the question remains: “Is one person responsible for another person’s actions/statement?” The details I used were just a delivery method, and unrelated to the fundamental question. Also, you don’t even know me, to call me “brainwashed”. Don’t speak of that which you have no knowledge. Now, answer the question: “Do you actually believe that Obama is responsible for Shabazz’s statements? Yes or no?” (Don’t be stupid, now…)

          • Allan Raymound says:

            Obama is responsible for Obama! If you had even a small amount of honesty you’d understand the original remark in this string. Obama is exacerbating racial tensions. It’s not just a few of us saying that. Does that matter at all to you? Do you really even care about truth and honest debate? Or, are you just another loud mouthed bully of the left who tries to intimidate those you disagree with into silence!? Unless you want to debate honestly, go away!

          • wayne8734 says:

            Steven Borthick ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

      • ransomed77 says:

        Steven I don’t even know what to say to your comment. It’s just plane stupid.

        • You failed to answer the question. Do you believe one person is responsible for another person’s actions/statements? Don’t be stupid, now…

          • wayne8734 says:

            Steven Borthick,First,numbnuts,Obuma is responsible for the racist atmosphere that has overtaken this country,thus leading to the threats.With Obuma being president,it his his sworn duty to protect the citizens of this country,which obviously he isn’t doing!!!! Where is the FBI,the police or even the NG,where’s all the arrests???? YES IT’S OBUMAS FAULT!!!!!

          • “Obama is responsible for the racist atmosphere that has overtaken this country.”
            Right… because it didn’t exist, before…

            That’s why we’ve had the KKK, the GOP (which was pushed into power by the KKK after Dem. LBJ spoke against them, and supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964), white Americans complaining every time a black man gets a job better than janitor because blacks are “taking all our jobs”, white Americans complaining every time a hispanic man gets a job better than janitor because hispanics are “taking all our jobs”, websites like StormFront and YoungConservatives, and “white-only” neighborhoods… but yeah… all of it? It’s all Obummer’s fault!! #ConservativeLogic

        • Oh, and if you’re going to call someone else stupid, make sure you can spell correctly. A “plane” is something you see flying in the sky. It’s also representative of a dimension. You meant “plain”, but nice try!

          • ransomed77 says:

            lol thanks for your help on the homophone. it’s a problem when relying on “spell check.” I shall watch it more closely.

            Now, as I was saying; “I don’t even know what to say in response to your comment.” You do realize Obama is the President, right? He’s not a TV show. Have you read his autobiography? I think he has a real chip on his shoulder and is using his position as President to get even with his straw man enemies. He selectively chooses news stories to incite and inflame racial tensions. (Think back to the beginning …remember “bitter clingers”, and the “beer summit”?) Obama is a race baiter. You may not agree, but that is how I see it.

            P.S. Would you really like to talk about the Bible? Or, did you simply mention it as a way to besmirch a certain religion?

          • No, I haven’t read the full thing. It’s still sitting on my shelf. I primarily just use it for reference, every time people make silly claims. Back when, people were misquoting his book, as if he was showing favoritism toward Muslims. I saw people correcting them online, so I decided to go buy it, just for reference. After reading the section for myself, I noted that people WERE misquoting his book, and I’ve noticed that Obama-haters continue to misquote him on practically everything. Therefore, while I don’t particularly like everything Obama does, I’ve learned to distrust people who are vehemently anti-Obama. Either they intentionally lie against him (and I hate liars), or they don’t listen and are idiots (and I disdain stupid people).

            Referencing the Bible was not a matter of besmirching, it was a matter of pointing out people’s hypocrisy. I don’t know if you are Christian, but I gathered, based on your username (“ransom” is common rhetoric used by people who believe Jesus paid their sins on the cross). Additionally, it’s usually only Christians I see who blame Obama for everything bad he has had no part in, yet choose to ignore the good things that happen in this nation, while he’s President. Therefore, not only have I learned to distrust people who are vehemently anti-Obama, but I’ve learned to distrust Conservative Christians, as a result of their hypocrisy, by way of being willfully ignorant (and to me, ignorance is NOT bliss).

            It seems that Obama would typically not wish to get involved in the race things that come up, but that when the public makes a big deal about things, he’s forced to speak up. He remains very connected to what goes on throughout the social networks, and he (by means of his team) uses social networking to reach people. A lot of white people are bitter that he spoke up about Ferguson. Why? After all, it garnered national attention. That’s the public’s fault. He spoke up. Many within the “black community” were bitter that he didn’t visit Ferguson. Why?

            I reject your claim that he’s a race-baiter. He’s socially-networked. The American public are the race-baiters. Whites. Blacks. Both sides. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. That’s what this is about. The public needs to be fixed.

          • ransomed77 says:

            You picked up on “Ransomed.” Interesting. Let me tell you why I chose it. Everyone has problems and things in their past that they’re not proud of, I understand that. But, maybe you have been fortunate enough to live a relatively charmed life and never experienced the lowest depths of what life can bring. I was not so fortunate. I grew up in a living hell. Without going into details I’ll just say that I despaired of life and often wanted to end it. And, I may have, it if it wasn’t for the fact that I was scared to death of death. I was quite literally hopeless and helpless. I was a hostage to my past and completely without hope for a future. When I experienced Divine grace it was as if I had been set free.

            You didn’t say anything about “77” so I’ll briefly tell you. 77 is a euphemism for “limitless.” First I was ransomed (set free) from my past, now I’m forgiven without limits for the stupid things I still do – hence “Rasomed77.” Someday I’m going to have that tattooed on my arm.

            I don’t expect you to accept this. I don’t expect you to even necessarily respect it. But that’s my story. For someone who’s never been a captive I suppose it’s hard to understand the need for Divine grace and freedom. A person who is generally pretty good may not need limitless forgiveness. Maybe it makes me week, but I admit I need both.

            P.S. I too distrust many Conservative Christians, but since my ransom wasn’t paid by a Conservative Christian I don’t let their short comings bother me all that much…I have plenty of my own I’m dealing with.

          • I didn’t think too much about 77, other than that it correlated with 777. Wouldn’t 490 be a euphemism for “limitless”? Forgive your brother 70 x 7 = 490. :-p

            There’s much I’ve had to overcome, as well. Ashamed to speak of it, but the past is past. It no longer exists. I acknowledge stuff has happened, and just look forward to the future. I don’t use the concept of any Gods to do that.

            Beware of getting religious tattoos. I still have a Jesus fish and cross tattoo’ed on my leg. I “would regret it”, they said. They were right. Now I want to get it removed, and tattoo’ed over.

            I say beware of getting a religious tattoo, because if you’re as intelligent as I would like to hope, then you might give up religion for good, and regret that tattoo. Or, you can go ahead, let it bring you enjoyment now, and when you give up religion, just get it removed later. To each, their own. I don’t disrespect it, I’d say just get something you really, really want.

            Am I as stupid as you first assumed?

          • ransomed77 says:

            So, we may have more in common than at first it appeared. And, I’m glad of it because truth be told, as much as I like to pontificate and bloviate, I much prefer civility to constant arguing.

            I don’t know what your experience is with the Christian faith. Perhaps you’ve run into a bunch of the same “Christians” and churches that I have. I used to be very critical and judgmental of obnoxious, hyper-critical, and hypocrite “Christians” until one day I was convicted that in doing so I was in fact behaving exactly like they were.

            As far as leaving the faith, remember the story of the prodigal Son? I’ve run away from home so many times I’ve lost count. I run, but in the end I always come back home. It turns out it’s no fun to live in pig squalor.

            You cautioned against getting a religious tattoo. I agree, any tattoo should be well thought out before proceeding.

            Here’s an odd parallel between tattoos and the Christian faith. In ancient Middle Eastern cultures a poor man who was unable to provide for himself might voluntarily give himself as a bondservant to a wealthy man. The wealthy man would apply a mark on the bondservant as a symbol of permanent ownership. The wealthy man was then obligated to provide for the needs of his bondservant.

            I was like that poor man – unable to provide for my spiritual needs. Then, a God, who is rich in mercy, found me and was willing to take me in and provide for me. I have become bound to God through Christ, and my life has been permanently marked as His possession. A tattoo would be an outward mark of my permanent position.

            So I am bound to God in Christ. But, instead of calling me “servant” or “slave” God has chosen to call me “Friend” and “Son.” Steven, God offers freedom not subjugation; freedom from death, freedom from lies, and freedom from fear. I am not bound, I am a free man!

            I don’t want to mis-lead you into thinking that I’m some kind of frenzied fanatic. I’m quite the opposite. I’m very ordinary, and probably rather dull. In fact if you and I were to meet face-to-face I may not be able to communicate like this – it all sounds so bizarre and unreal in our ultra modern world. But this is the truth I’ve experienced, moreover the truth I know.

            I could go on, but, I’ve rambled too long already. If you wish to chat further I’d be happy to do so.

            P.S. next time you see your tattoo, ask “have I been marked by Christ?” If the answer is “yes”, don’t wait any longer, run back home…He’s waiting to restore His precious son. 🙂

          • Sorry! I unsubscribed from Disqus e-mails, so I missed your reply.

            The people at my Church (yes, I still go to Church so that I can see my family once a week) are definitely not the rude, hypocritical Christians you often see around. Many of them know I’m an Atheist, and they don’t even annoy me by using the condescending, “I’ll pray for you”, because they know I don’t believe prayer is good for anything. Instead, we just talk about other things. Life. They’re a bunch of good people.

            My “choosing not to believe anymore” has nothing to do with Christians. There is Brennan Manning, who once said, “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door,
            and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world
            simply finds unbelievable.”

            He might have a point, but it doesn’t pertain to me, or any of my friends who are Atheists. Our religious friends and families are still good people. No, for me, it was the actual content in the Bible itself, that led to me becoming an Atheist. I started reading and studying for the sake of eventually sharing my faith, so that I would know what I was talking about, but it ended with me saying after the last few words of the Bible, “Yup, I don’t believe this anymore.”

            And the prodigal son? I already am the prodigal son! We were all born Atheists, with no faith in any of the gods. We grow up, and are drawn into the religion of our region. Some of us learn, though, and choose to give up religion. We return to the state of nonbelieving, that we were like when we were born. But there’s one major difference. A baby doesn’t know that it doesn’t have the answers, it doesn’t even consider the idea. Becoming an Atheist as an adult, one can finally admit to themselves, “I don’t have all the answers.” That is what sets Atheism apart from Christianity, Islam, and the rest. The ability to admit, “I don’t know, and I won’t just accept made-up stories to appease myself.”

            The tattoo will be replaced with a tiger. It’s my lifelong favorite animal, since I was little. As I’ve later learned, it’s almost biologically identical to the lion, it’s biological cousin. They branched at one point. The fact that they can mate and produce off-spring (the famous “Ligers and Tigons”) shows that they are indeed cousin species, but the fact that Ligers and Tigons normally cannot reproduce shows that their genes are too far apart. Their hybrids can reproduce sometimes, though, so it’s all about genetic variation.

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            having disdain for stupid people and liars is interesting. Liars I could somewhat understand, however you’re kidding yourself if you think everyone hasn’t lied at one point in their lives.
            As for the “stupid people”; I would bet you were raised in a household with very critical adults. Someone taught you that people who were not “like them” were stupid. I bet you got called stupid a lot as a kid, or you were bullied in some way. Either way, you grew up with a “not good enough” chip on your shoulder. When you do, you get the “egomaniac with low self esteem” complex. You got it for sure. You might want to look into some personal development work to build up that self esteem. You absolutely are “good enough” just the way you are, you can stop fighting the world.

          • Um no. I don’t go around flaunting my credentials, so don’t think that I’m acting “better than thou” by me saying this – I’m just simply addressing your accusation.

            * 144 IQ (was in the gifted program)
            * 124 on the DLAB (which got me a job as a Navy Cryptologic Technician Interpretive, served 5 years, but got to participate in Operation Ocean Shield)
            * Business Administration student in college now, and in the Student Government Association
            * Linux since I was 7 (old school Linux) / Websites since I was 8 year old (still a Linux junkie, but Ubuntu and Kali’s the way to go!)

            25 years old now, and still making the most of my life. You presupposed I was told I “wasn’t good enough”, but know that you’ve been corrected, don’t go on and suppose I grew up being told that I was “better than everyone else”, either. Neither of those statements are true.

            It has been my exposure to Conservatives that has led me to disdain stupid people. When I’m talking with Conservatives, they often try to say, “Did you know [blah]” and often times, I already know they’re wrong about something, and have to look it up for them; other times, when I go to look it up, I find the sources immediately, and show them why they’re wrong. Then, they just go cuss me out. Great, thanks for that, people. You’re real bright, I tell ya.

            Just as often, I see Conservatives passing around misinformation on Facebook. Not just political stuff, but anything.

            – When Ebola was a big talking point, they were passing around a picture from World War Z, thinking that it was someone who had survived Ebola. I just saved the image, went to, and did a reverse-image search. That’s when I found out that the image was just from a movie casting.

            – During the Mike Brown issue, Conservatives were passing around images of “Mike Brown pointing a gun at the camera”, with the quote, “I’m sure he was just a sweet little teddy bear”, but it wasn’t Mike, it was some other kid, and that story had already been corrected by Liberal media.

            – Also during the Brown issue, Conservatives were passing around images of “Darren Wilson’s eye injury”, with the quote, “This is what Mike Brown did to Officer Wilson!” A reverse-image search found that it was a motorcyclist, who had crashed. Also, Liberal media had covered the story, correcting that it was not Darren Wilson. Conservatives continued to pass the thing around, and were getting each other worked up, claiming that the “N****r deserved to be shot for that!”

            It’s stuff like this, just continually, that makes me disdain stupid people. Why can’t Conservatives just THINK? Why do they believe every little thing they see, when they want to believe it, and reject loads of evidence for things like global warming and evolution, just because they disagree with it?

            Then, they go on to quote Conservative Christian articles about how things have been “debunked”, even though their organizations have no one with the credentials, or the understanding of the Scientific issues, to actually “debunk” anything?

            Thanks, though! I know full well that I’m “good enough” the way I am, but I appreciate the kind words, anyway! Still, that won’t prevent me from speaking out on political issues that I agree/disagree with, but nice try. And you’re good enough, too bro. 😉

          • James Godin says:

            All those credentials & you still don’t get it? Must be just a damn piece of paper. How much thinking does it take to have TSA in airports when they haven’t got 1 terrorist? How much thinking does it take to let illegal criminals into our country to destroy it?

          • I don’t support the TSA. It’s a violation of our privacy.

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            did you ever consider that the issues that do not match his political agenda never “come up” in national media? THAT is precisely why conservatives have FOX and why liberals have to demonize it.

          • Well can’t you guys produce something better? I know I wouldn’t mind a “Conservative media outlet”, if Conservative media actually produced something useful (and not always so stupid). I guess I’m just surprised that the Conservatives haven’t all spoken up and said, “Hey, we admit FOX sucks. Let’s make a new station to replace it. We’re going to actually fact-check everything.” Hell, I’m sure that other Liberals would be just as pleased as I would to see Conservatives all rise up and replace FOX.

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            nothing labeled as conservative would ever be legit in a liberal’s eyes. As Ronald Reagan said…..”The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

          • A guy once said that, so that makes it so? You mean the same Ronald Reagan that allowed 20,849 people die of AIDS, before addressing it 4 years later (compared to Obama, who waited until 3 people got Ebola, canceled all his plans, addressed it immediately, and sent 3,000 troops to Africa to contain the situation)? And: “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.” THAT Reagan? Yea, one helluva guy, the idiot I’d want to listen to.

            How do you like this one?

            “Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals.” – Mark Twain

            Again, referencing my previous post, how is it that Conservatives are almost always so gullible, as I see them on Social Media? Yet, it’s Liberals who “know so much that isn’t so”? Yea, ok. I SEE the crap you guys put out there. You can lie to someone who’s ignorant, but you can’t lie to someone who witnesses your guys’ stupidity.

          • James Godin says:

            How did Reagan “allow” people of AIDS to die?

          • James Godin says:

            OMG are you dense. Not a race baiter when he singled out the Martin case? Not a race baiter when he keeps Al Sharpton out of jail for tax fraud? People like you nitpick & reference the bible like its a copy of my two dads that is your first problem.
            And the fact that you cannot pick up on intentional racism from Obama,Oprah, & others of the elite crowd you are as ignorant as they come. No race baiting? How many white people were looting genius?

          • Wait, I’m “nitpicking” the Bible? If Conservatives “nitpick” the Bible to try to keep people from freedom, and they “nitpick” the Bible to try to force national policies on people who don’t want it, then doesn’t it make sense to “nitpick” the Bible to show just how stupid it is?

            So, am I taking this out of context? “Thou shalt not suffer a which to live.” Exodus 22:18

            Wait, what? There’s no such thing as magic. Am I taking that commandment “out of context”, or does that really mean what I think it means?

            Did the almighty god of the Jews ACTUALLY give them a Commandment to kill “witches”?

            “But there must have been witches back then!”
            No, there were a lot of ignorant, Bronze Age and Iron Age Jews back then, who apparently thought that magic was real, and practiced by witches. There were a lot of pagans back then, who apparently also thought that magic was real, and that they could perform it. It’s called superstition.

            Look up the Shamans of Africa. People STILL think they can do magic. Or at least, they fool their neighbors into thinking they can do magic to gain political power and control over them.

            Seriously, any ancient book that tells me to kill people because of magic isn’t worth my time.

        • llltapp NPmadness says:

          that is what liberals say instead of responding with a rational cohesive answer which is researched and fact-based. Its either too much trouble for them, they don’t know how to research or write, or they simply know its a charade and can’t possibly answer unless they want to make things up.

      • Hey Steverino! Thanks for making my point about liberal stupidity. You are exhibit “A”.

        • On the contrary, you fail to answer the question. Do you believe one person responsible for another person’s actions or words? I’m exhibit “A” for Awesomeness. 😀 Now please, answer the goddamn question.

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            According to Obama any successful businessman is not responsible for his success, “somebody else built that.” So I guess you can gleen your answer from your leaders words.

          • James Godin says:

            I think exhibit A means something else if you have that stupid flag covering your face.

      • wayne8734 says:

        Steven Borthick,,what is the difference in what Shabezz is advocating and what terrorist desire???? They both promote mass murder of innocent civilians,so as president,it is his sworn duty to protect the US from harm.So where is the Feds,the Federal Agents that Obuma should have called in and ended the threat.Yes it is Obuma’s fault,the most racist,divisive president in history!!!!!

      • llltapp NPmadness says:

        because Obama is supposed to be the country’s LEADER. He saw fit to comment, inappropriately and without the correct facts, on Trayvon Martin and the other racially charged cases recently. Why would he comment on those and leave out the Black Panther’s-who are outright calling for violence and inciting war? It is the outright hypocrisy that gets us. He is blatantly taking “sides” against the police officers and Christians and giving a pass to the rioters, the Sharia law cities of the U.S. and having a POS racist pig as his race relations advisor-Sharpton. Is the left pretending this isn’t so or have they gone so far as to actually believe their own BS?

        • You’re failing to observe the fact that THE PEOPLE (which includes you) are failing to bring it to his attention. He’s not being a hypocrite – he addresses the issues when people make a big deal out of things. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

          And that’s a GOOD thing that he’s taking sides against Sharia Law – wtf are you talking about? I’m guessing you’re Muslim, but guess what? Not only does he disapprove of Sharia Law, but he disapproves of Mosaic Law. Here in America, no religion defines our law, because we are a Secular nation. If you want Sharia Law, move to Iran.

          If he were to address the people who were making a big deal about some random thing in Texas, then the way you hypocrites act, he should address every little thing in every state. IF PEOPLE ARE MAKING A BIG DEAL ABOUT SOMETHING, THEN YES, HE’S GOING TO ADDRESS IT. If no one hears about something (like this), then of course he’s not going to address it. Well, except that he kind of has. He has referred to “home-grown terrorists”, and they are in that category. His administration certainly already knows about them, and is keeping eyes on them (even before you guys made it a big deal, and wrote an article on them).

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            if he doesn’t know Sharia law is in fact on US soil, that Christians won a state supreme court battle after being ejected from a public square for speaking out about Christianity, that HE himself may play a part in racial tension and violence by:
            1. ignoring the rights of Christians being stepped on WORLD WIDE
            2. Chastising Christians at a PRAYER BREAKFAST for crusades in response to ISIS BEHEADING Christians all over the place
            3. Telling us that there is NO evidence of wrongdoing in Benghanzi because Clinton and his admin. wouldn’t PRODUCE the documents the PEOPLE demanded to see from hundreds of FOIA requests
            4. Ignored to cries for info on Fast and Furious
            5. traded terrorist MURDERERS for a scumbag deserter-don’t even try to give me any BS story on this one, my son was THERE
            6. Having Muslim Brotherhood Radicals over ‘FOR LUNCH” IN THE PEOPLES HOUSE.
            7. Shunning ISRAEL and sucking Iran’s ass………..

            NO I”m not a Muslim (i think you need reading glasses as you missed the entire content of the post you are replying to)

            OBAMA is either deaf, blind, dumb, or hired total morons if he doesn’t know what’s going on this country or the world- my guess is he knows exactly what’s going on and his pleased as hell with himself for sowing the discourse he has
            If I were to guess I’d say you were one of his PR people or friends with the White House Secretary.

            I’m done talking with morons on this and any other site. I’m wasting my breath on you basement warriors.

          • If you actually pay attention, and not judge prior to reading, you may learn.

            First off, no, I don’t live in anyone’s basement. I didn’t serve 5 years in the Navy and now attend college just to live in someone’s basement. Fix yourself.

            Name one city in the United States that operates under Sharia Law. Try to do it… I dare you.

            1. Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East, ALONGSIDE
            (but in LOWER NUMBERS than) Shi’a Muslims, Druze Muslims, Sunni Muslims
            who -REJECT- ISIS’ caliphate, and Sufi Muslims. Stop with the “Persecution
            Complex”. Stop acting like you guys are the only ones suffering. See
            Bill Maher’s awesome video, “Christianity Under Attack?”
   “We’re a long way from them
            being eaten by lions in the Colluseum.” LOL!

            2. First of all, so what? Second, no, you guys weren’t “chastised”. He simply reminded everyone that barbarity has existed EVERYWHERE. Yes, the attacks were horrendous, but unlike the rest of you, Obama wasn’t being a hypocrite. He acknowledges that Christianity has had a rough past, whereas you people don’t. Then, you people go and play the self-righteous blame game, while saying, “See? Christianity is better!” Christianity isn’t better, y’all have just moved past your barbarity into the civilized age.

            3. The FOIA requests? You know, there’s this thing called Google. It’s been around for quite a while. It’s really useful for looking up things like that, ya know. Just go to “” and look up the Benghazi FOIA requests… that’s all there is to it. 😉

            4. F&F was conducted under the BUSH administration, starting in 2006, and ran into Obama’s. It wasn’t authorized by Holder, either – it was run by ATF. Do you even knowledge, bro?

            5. Finally, you say something intelligent. Yes, that was wrong. People make bad decisions sometimes.

            6. I don’t keep track of all the luncheons the President has, or every time he has lunch, so I’m not sure which “radicals” you’re talking about. Highly unlikely that they’re legitimate “radicals”, however. Just because they’re part of the Muslim Brotherhood does NOT mean they’re radicals. Consider who has designated them as a terrorist organization: Syria (who cares), Egypt (who cares), Saudi Arabia (our ally, but commits serious crimes against humanity), Russia (our political enemy, who cares), and UAE (who cares). So, 4 Muslim nations and then Russia. Yes, they’re undergoing political struggles, fighting for power.

            7. Obama might get irritated with Israel, but realize that he has RAISED the amount of funding we provide Israel. Also, feel free to read the satirical “love letter” to Obama, written by anti-war activists.

            I was being facetious when I suggested you wanted Sharia Law. Many of you Conservatives want to bring Mosaic Law to the US (letting the bible be the Law of the Land), which is entirely unacceptable.

            Finally, that would be nice, but this is me.
            So no, not a PR person, or anyone high up. Could probably go that route, with my clearance, but no, I’m good.

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            You say you were a Navy Cryptologic Technician Interpretive. If so, and you spent 5 years in the military, what was your NEC? Is your “clearance” still active? My husband happens to have a top secret/SCI clearance and was the Chief of Military Training at the Defense Language Institute and a Diamond with the 20th SOS/Pavelow Squadron in Djibouti post 911. I ask just to see if what you are telling me is legit. There is a lot of “stolen valor” out there. I do know that MANY of the students at the DLI, although very intelligent, often had perfectionist and critical parents growing up. More often than not they DID have very low self esteem/lack of confidence/self doubt issues despite their achievements. I was a gifted and talent student as well, God knows I had my “not good enough issues” as a young adult. As for the information you provided regarding conservatives vs liberals penchant for lies and deceit- I believe the liberals have outdone conservatives by far. I would go item by item with you on where you are incorrect, but at your age, there is no reasoning with you and your mind is made up. But, now knowing that you are only 25 I fully understand your positions. You are educated beyond your intelligence and wisdom. Come back and talk to me when you are 40. Good luck in college and I wish you well. Thank you for your service.

          • Oh cool! Yea, we stopped by Djibouti once, it was… different. People were sitting in the streets, having nothing to do. We stopped by Oman twice, in Salalah, Oman, and Muskat, Oman.

            As I stated in my post, my “NEC” was Chinese Linguist (simplest way of putting it). Yes, I had a TS/SCI, but no, it’s no longer active. They expire. Much to my enjoyment, it was granted on Pi Day (3/14 – March 14 – 3.14159…). As a nerd, I loved that, haha.

            To state that my “mind is made up” wouldn’t be so. I was a Christian Conservative until I was 22, and held all the same ideals. It was when I acknowledged that, “I don’t know everything, and I need to go into things with a truly open mind,” that my views shifted. There’s much that has happened since then, but long story short, I’m now Atheist, with views mostly leaning toward the Green Party. When I express my views to Conservatives, they *usually* fail to hear me out, but they also fail to realize that I’m listening to them, thinking like them in order to understand, but when I research and use logic, I reject their claims, because logic and Conservatism *usually* don’t go well together. (Sometimes they do, though.) As Stephen Colbert once said (and I agree with, now), “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.” Nevertheless, if you have something to say, I’ll hear you out (hear, and try to understand, though not necessarily agree with).

            Thank you, Ma’am. And I appreciate that. Good luck to you, too.

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            Do yourself a huge favor……. read “One Nation” by Dr. Carson. You will hear straight from him on his views, without MSM bias twisting his words to degrade him for political reasons. It is the best depiction of a “compassionate conservative” I have ever read. The man came from nothing in total poverty in Detroit to become the world’s top pediatric neurosurgeon. His views on politics in America are identical to mine. It is a great read for anyone with any party affiliation. He was an independent. Said he would be part of the “common sense” party if one existed. Because we all begged him to run for POTUS loud enough, he decided to run. Of course he picked Republican ticket because we all know that you have to be R or D if you even think you might have a chance to win. I am seriously considering changing to Independent. But, if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to take part in the IMPORTANT vote in the primaries……… I believe this is more important than the actual election day vote.

          • I will consider reading it, or maybe at least looking at it. I always check negative reviews on books though, to see what the dissenting opinions are. I did that here, and:

            Looking at his own description of the book, he supports the “one nation under god” clause.
            He also uses the rhetoric “take back America” and “make America great again” – rhetoric that Democrats didn’t say when Bush was President, and only Conservatives say when Liberals have power. It’s interesting, and certainly telling, how that becomes an automatic phrase.

            Taking a look at the negative reviews right now:

            The reviews state that in the book, he:

            * Takes a hardlined conservative ideology, while comparing liberals to Nazis.
            – Hitler and his group were hardlined Catholic Conservatives, who supported Christian Socialism – see Hitler’s quotes on God, and look up the “Bellamy Salute”. Francis Bellamy is the man who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in the first place – he was a Christian Socialist and a Baptist minister. That “Hitler Salute” that everyone knows of was actually implemented by Americans first, when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

            * Thinks that prison makes people gay.
            – Which he later apolgized for. That’s a false stereotype. People in prison may choose to do gay things out of necessity, but the people are not gay. Meanwhile, real gay people often wish to be straight out of peer pressure, but they struggle because they can’t change who they are.

            * Is a frequent FOX contributor, and that his views mirror FOX news
            – I’d hardly call that “non-partisan”. Rather, admitting that Republicans screw up too, but trying to take the baton, anyway.

            * So he was a board member for Costco and Kellogg. Another rich man trying to take over the country. Huh.

            * Doesn’t realize that Canada is a single-payer tax system. That’s an alternative form of our Affordable Care Act. He doesn’t seem to realize that the Affordable Care Act was drafted by the conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation.

            * He wants the political correctness of saying, “Merry Christmas”?
            – It’s a free speech issue, for those of us who don’t say it. Why would a conservative, who claims to support the Bill of Rights, want to prohibit people who choose to say “Happy Holidays”, and businesses who implement it as policy? What happened to giving businesses the right to make policy as they see fit?

            What’s your opinion on the issues that people brought up, and what’s your overall opinion of the points he made in his book?

          • llltapp NPmadness says:

            I made it a policy of mine long ago never to accept someone else’s assessment on anything. It has served me well.

          • Lol, I made it a policy a few years ago to actually start listening to people, and to listen to both sides. All it took was a few, “I told you so’s”, and I realized, “Hey, maybe I should listen to the people who have been-there, done-that, so that I don’t go through the same BS. And it would probably help to listen to people who think critically.” As you and I think very differently, I think I’ll refrain from this book. Besides, since you’ve mentioned him, I’ve looked him up some more, and it seems that the hardcore Christian Right acts like, “Yea! Put that there God-fearin man in office! Murica!” while others have been saying, “Uh… no. He’s wrong and [this is why].” That’s an excellent sign. I won’t side with the idiots who want to turn our society into a Dominionist society.

      • James Godin says:

        And yet conservatism is not considered a mental disorder like being a liberal is. Trust me you don’t know the bible, you have the standard rainbow flag avatar which shows you do what everyone else does & you are going to criticize conservatives? Look at the damage people like you have done & you call others stupid? I have yet to ever see a tolerant,intelligent,empathetic democrat.

        • Liberalism isn’t considered a mental disorder, lol. Tea Party Conservatives are generally the only ones who say that. I don’t resort to calling Conservatism a mental disorder, because I speak to Conservatives, and find out that a lot of them are just ignorant of the facts. I wouldn’t call them “mentally ill”, I would just call them “gullible”, being told what to think and say.

          If someone is stupid, then that’s it, they’re stupid. Do I become the bad guy because I point it out? Why do Conservatives try to limit freedom of speech, when it’s used against them? Yet they feel free slander us by saying things like, “Liberalism is a mental disease.”

          Intelligence? Higher IQ is often associated with Liberalism and Atheism. There are tons of studies that support this, and only a bunch of whining Conservatives who try to argue against it, by saying, “But look at this Conservative!” (Who, when you investigate their political opinions, are usually pretty Liberal, anyway.)

          Tolerance? It was the Liberals who pushed for women’s rights. It was the Liberals who pushed for blacks to be treated equal.

          Definitions of liberal:
          * “free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant.”
          * “favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression.”
          * “favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.”

          The definitions of conservative:
          * “traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness.”
          – What about when institutional racism and slavery is traditional? The progressive liberal response is to try to effect change immediately, in accordance with personal freedom of those being oppressed.
          * “a supporter of conservative political policies.”
          – What about when those conservative political policies prohibit two adults who love each other from marrying? The progressive liberal response is to allow them to marry, and no longer allow the conservatives to keep oppressing their freedoms.

          Contrary to what your masters are telling you, no, Liberals are not taking away your freedom of religion. We just say that you’re only allowed to practice your religion on yourself; you may not practice your religion on other people. Easier translation for you: your religion is for you, you can’t force it on others.

          Contrary to what your masters are telling you, no, Liberals are not taking away your freedom of speech. You can still post the Tennessee rebel flag up on your house, your car, on Facebook, or your personal website. It’s just being removed from government institutions.

          Contrary to what your masters are telling you, no, Liberals are not trying to “Islamicize” America, while simultaneously trying to turn America Atheist. Sure, I personally would prefer everyone to give up their gods and pay attention to each other, instead, but I don’t have that power, and I would never force anyone to give up their religions. Churches are still all over America. People still go to Church every Sunday. They still go out to eat afterwards, smile and laugh, and have a good time. Liberals support freedom of religion for everyone, though, not just Christians. THAT’S what Conservatives hate. They don’t like the idea that Liberals support the free practice of other religions, and so they “demonize” us by lying against us.

          Liberalism is, in layman’s terms, the practice of rational, logical thinking, and the implementation of the results.
          Conservatism is not wanting things to change, unless it reflects your own personal beliefs.

  6. Michelle Simmons Kloster says:

    I am native american and I am ashamed of what is going on n my country today!

  7. llltapp NPmadness says:

    denmark vesey- won a $1,500 street “lottery” and bought his freedom for $600. Owned a business but couldn’t buy his wife and children’s freedom. He was from St. Thomas, not Africa, and spent his early years running a slave ship with his master.

    Shabazz claims they were all lynched. There were hearings in a court of law (I agree that the “law” back then was mostly a circus court when it came to blacks). However, reading the transcripts of the trials, it APPEARS to be pretty fair minded if you read it and the links below. (well, fair as a trial for people trying to break out of the bonds of slavery could be, lets be real). If I were them, I would have done the same thing.

    The race baiters like Shabazz couldn’t wipe their boots. He is a piece of crap *ussy who tries to get these people to do his bidding FOR him, like Manson, Jim Jones, Karesh……….

    It’s interesting though, considering it was the south during slavery that they gave all involved a pretty fair trial, let the majority go due to lack of evidence, etc.

    The Jews only WISH they were even allowed a trial when they were enslaved in Egypt or during the holocaust. It’s ironic they are still REALLY BEING HUNTED down and persecuted, yet rise above and continue to fight for others, never playing the victim role for all the atrocities they endured centuries ago and still are.

    Dr. Ben Carson is the answer for this country in 2016. Just watch the 2013 prayer breakfast speech again and read “One Nation.” It is amazing how timely and appropriate his positions are.

    The Charleston Denmark Vesey trials:

    They examined a total of 131 men, convicted 67 of conspiracy, hanged 35 (including Vesey), deported 31 men, reviewed and acquitted 27, and questioned and released 38.[3] In October, the Court issued An Official Report of the Trials of Sundry Negroes…, which historians have relied on as the primary record of Vesey’s life and the planned rebellion, as other evidence was scarce.[4]

    The court wrote and published a report on the cases

    -they “laid down a variety of rules for the trials, all of them subservient to justice as well as humanity. In the first place, it was decided that the testimony should be regulated by those established rules of evidence, which are elsewhere found so important in the exposition of truth; that no slave should be tried but in the presence of his master or his attorney; that the testimony of one witness, unsupported by circumstances, should lead to no conviction involving capital punishment; and that the statement of the party himself should be heard in explanation of such particulars as seemed most inculpatory.”

    -“On the 24th of June, the court discharged, as not guilty, Samuel Guifford and Robert Hadden, two free persons of colour, as also Matthias, the slave of governour Bennett;Mungo, the slave of Mr. Poyas; Robert, the slave of Mr. Harth, and Richard and John, the slaves of Mr. Lucas”

    -“On Wednesday, the 26th of June, the court proceeded to the trial of ABRAHAM, the slave of Dr. Poyas.”

    “The only proof adduced against Abraham, was the following letter, found in the trunk of Peter Poyas, and acknowledged by Abraham to have been written by himself.

    “Dear sir,–With pleasure I give you an answer. I will endeavour to do it. Hoping that God will be in the midst to help his own. Be particular and make a sure remark. Fear not, the Lord God that delivered Daniel is able to deliver us. All that I inform agreed. I am gone up to Beach Hill.”

    (Signed) Abraham Poyas.”

    Although this letter was extremely suspicious, yet, there being no other testimony against Abraham, he was found, not guilty of the charge “of attempting to raise an insurrection among the blacks against the whites.”

    The AME church Vesey founded was funded by white clergy. The church of the Charleston shootings was renamed and remains the original AME church.

    HERE is the bio of the man THIS CLOWN Shabazz is pathetically trying to emulate, quite unsuccessfully, and he is too ignorant to be ashamed or embarrassed:

    About 1767, Denmark Vesey was born on the island of St. Thomas in the Danish West Indies, which today is the U.S. Virgin Islands. At a young age, Denmark assumed the surname of his owner, Joseph Vesey, who was the captain of a slave ship. Before they settled in Charleston, South Carolina in 1783, Denmark traveled along with his master on many slave-trading voyages.

    While in Charleston, Denmark managed to educate himself as well as learned to read. In 1800, seventeen years after his arrival in Charleston, Denmark won $1,500.00 in a street lottery and used $600.00 of his winnings to buy his freedom. Now free, he stayed on in Charleston and worked as a carpenter. But Denmark was not satisfied, because although free, all blacks were looked upon as subservient, a status he was forced to adopt brought about by Charleston’s white society.

    With each passing day, Denmark witnessed the continued injustice tolerated by the slaves he saw in Charleston, which drove him to seek out and read abolitionist literature. With this knowledge, and the fact that he was aware of a successful slave revolt that occurred in Haiti in the 1790s, he began to organize and plot a similar slave uprising for Charleston.

    Denmark’s plan was to attack the arsenals in Charleston and seize the weapons. Upon accomplishing this, he would arm all the slaves who in turn were to burn the city and kill all the white people. Although not exact, this type of plan was similar to that which John Brown orchestrated at Harpers Ferry years later.

    With his plan finalized, Denmark and nearly 9,000 slaves from the city of Charleston and nearby plantations were at the ready. However, fortunately, as it turned out for the city, the day before his plot was scheduled to begin in 1822, a loyal house servant, privileged to the plan, alerted the white authorities. They in turn made the necessary, and military preparations to ready the city, and consequently, Denmark, now unable to fulfill his plan, called it off.

    Over a period covering the following two months, 130 blacks were arrested and brought to trail. Of these, sixty-seven were accused and convicted of taking part in this slave revolt. Thirty-five of the sixty-seven, including Denmark, were hanged; the remaining thirty-two were exiled.

    Upon Denmark Vesey’s appearance in court, the following disposition was written:

    On Thursday, the 27th, (June) Denmark Vesey, a free black man, was brought before the court for trial; (assisted by his counsel, G.W. Cross, Esq.)

    These facts of his guilt the journals of the court will disclose – that no man can be proved to have spoken of or urged the insurrection prior to himself.

    All the channels of communication and intelligence are traced back to him. His house was the place appointed for the secret meetings of the conspirators, at which he was invariably a leading and influential member; animating and encouraging the timid, by the hopes and prospects of success; removing the scruples of the religious, by the grossest prostitution and perversion of the sacred oracles, and inflaming and confirming the resolute, by all the savage fascinations of blood and booty.

    The peculiar circumstances of guilt, which confer a distinction on his case, will be found narrated in the confession of Rolla, Monday Gell, Frank, and Jesse, in the appendix. He was sentenced for execution on the 2nd of July.

    Additionally, four white men were tried and convicted of having encouraged the revolt, and were fined and imprisoned for their part.

  8. John James says:


    Lasvegascomplaints doesn’t take the polices side by no means….. but right is right and now theBlack Panty Hoes are flying into Texas because of the race card …….

    It seems the black community in Texas is just using the race card here …from saw the police officer was right in what he was doing as the kids was not listening to him and he was threatened with a bunch of them running up on him while he was trying to do his job …. 1 of the 2 boys clearly reaches to his back with his left hand as he ran up on the officer like he was going to pull a gun in the video …so why did he resign ????He was in the right and race played no part in this so stop trying to use it for media attention !!!!!!



    BY JJ

  9. I bet some one would buy him a ticket to ever where he wants to go. he said they was going to get a boat ride let them leave

  10. Jack Meinhoff says:

    If all y’all want is a boat ride to Haiti, then bygod I’ll buy one ticket… Now get on the fucking boat troublemaker!!!!

  11. So exactly where is the outrage from the left over this kind of hate speech. For God sake the liberal left walks around in a perpetual state of “Outrage” when ever a conservative says something that is not as hate filled or violent as what Malik Baboon Shabazz spews. Liberals – leading the world in hypocritical BS since 1865.

    • llltapp NPmadness says:

      That’s easy :). The scene where they practice what they preach was edited out of the “authorized” puppet show produced by soros and the radical libs.

  12. Jason Caternolo says:

    Whites have more guns. They will lose if they try any race war.

  13. Um… he said some inciting stuff, but how the f**k did you jump to “Obama’s a racist”? Lol, SHABAZZ is the one who said these words, not Obama.

    Christians have said racist stuff and done bad things.
    Therefore, you’re racist and a bad person.

    See the disconnect?

    • wayne8734 says:

      Steven Borthick,Obuma is the biggest racist president this country has ever witnessed.He has divided this country like not seen since the Civil War.He has flamed racial tensions and set back race relations 40 yrs.1)In one of his more high-profile comments on race, President Obama waded into the charged waters of the Henry Louis Gates case, an incident which saw Gates, an African-American, arrested in his own home after reports of a possible break-in. Gates and police on the scene gave conflicting reports on the level of cooperation between individuals, and the facts of the case remained murky. That said, after confessing to being limited on facts, Obama acted as judge and jury, declaring that “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” in their haste to arrest Gates. To back up the suggestion that the police officers had acted inappropriately, the President cited “a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”

      2)The signature achievement of this administration, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is not devoid of racial components. In 2009, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights had already declared that the Obamacare plan was laced with race-based incentives, including giving “preferential treatment to minority students for scholarships,” and was littered with “sections that factor in race when awarding billions in contracts, scholarships and grants.” A few months after it was signed into law, the American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI)pointed out that the new healthcare reform had provisions in place to provide monetary rewards doled out on a criterion of racial preference. One such provision stated, “In awarding grants or contracts under this section, the Secretary shall give preference to entities that have a demonstrated record of the following:…Training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.”
      As AIM has disclosed, even some of the Obama stimulus dollars have gone for racial purposes. Joshua Correll, a University of Chicago professor, received $154,563 in stimulus grant money for what is called a collaborative project at the University of Chicago which “outlines a series of studies investigating the role of individual differences in executive functions (EFs) in expression of implicit racial bias.” This appears to be academic jargon for identifying and naming alleged racists, Correll operates a “Stereotyping & Prejudice Research Laboratory”
      3)The President’s policy on terrorism seems to play the race card when convenient, but very inconsistently. In the summer of 2010, Obama suggested that race is what motivates the actions of Al-Qaeda, as opposed to blind, radical ideology. The discussion was in stark contrast to several months earlier, when the administration was unable or unwilling to mention race, religion, or creed when reporting on the motivations of Fort Hood terrorist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan. The Pentagon had released a report on the shooting rampage which failed to mention the word “Islam” or “Muslim.” In turn, while Obama did not wish to stir up anti-Muslim sentiments in the Hasan case, he was more than willing to play up anti-Muslim sentiments when he claimed that Israel is suspicious of him because his middle name is Hussein.
      4)The Latino community has frequently been targeted as a key demographic in elections, but has equally been targeted by this administration in their attempts to racially divide a group through government policies. When Governor Jan Brewer and the state of Arizona tried to defend their borders, the President quickly tried to demonize them, insinuating that racial profiling could result in someone without papers being harassed while engaging in the simple act of having ice cream with their family. This approach led former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich to proclaim that Obama had engaged in “a racist dialogue to try to frighten Latinos away from the Republican Party.”5)In March of 2010, the Obama administration filed a brief with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that supported the University of Texas’ use of racial preferences in their undergraduate admissions process. The brief had been filed by then solicitor general and current Justice, Elena Kagan, and stems from a battle over a 2003 ruling that narrowly permitted race-conscious policies in public higher education. Such blatant support for the exploitation of race in education was panned by the National Review’s Roger Clegg, when he described the brief as “a full-throated endorsement of such discrimination.”6)The President’s first public comments on the Martin case invoked personal imagery, stating that “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” The sentiment raised eyebrows among skeptics who viewed it as saying the tragedy bore greater importance because the victim and the President shared similar physical characteristics—namely skin color.

  14. wayne8734 says:

    Why isn’t Shabezz being arrested for inciting murder and violence????? It was against the law 7yrs ago,it’s not now???? Only in Obamica!!!!!

  15. Edward Lawrence Wike says:

    This is why 6 Predominately black churches have been burned down already.

  16. James Godin says:

    They all died about 150 years ago dumb ass!

  17. And why has this person now been arrested for inciting and Hate speech

  18. ……………….blacks like this idiot are starting to push the wrong button………..sad

  19. As long as you are not preaching for Jesus Christ, you are allowed to spew your garbage all over the news !!! !!! !!!

    Because satan is in charge of this earth, and Gods judgement is at hand !!! SEPT 2015 !!! !!! !!!

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