ALERT: Obama Is Trying To Force A Confrontation So He Can Declare Martial Law…


What is the purpose of Jade Helm? How does it relate to the political and economic environment facing the United States? And what are some possible scenarios that may take place in coming months and years?

If you think this massive military operation is just another exercise to prepare American soldiers to face a foreign threat on foreign soil, then we urge you to watch the following interview from The Daily Coin with Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show.

Make no mistake, this isn’t about ensuring Americans are safe from terrorists. In fact, all the evidence suggests that certain elements within the U.S. government have come to the conclusion that the terrorists are, in fact, the American people:

The whole Jade Helm drill is unconstitutional on its face… it violates Posse Comitatus and a whole bunch of other regulations that govern our Constitution… I am, as an American, personally insulted.

The American people are nowhere near moving to revolutionary status. We’re not on the verge of a civil war, although this could provoke a move to this direction and could actually cause a civil war… what they’re planning to do to us.

This is totally a provocative move on the part of the Obama administration… misusing our military in violation of the law.

I believe Obama is trying to force a confrontation so that he has a pretext to declare martial law.

The Daily Coin interviews Dave Hodges (this one is worth listening to in full):

I look at this, in terms of what’s coming, it’s kind of like the Boston Massacre. Once American blood was spilled the end result was inevitable. And that’s where we’re headed.

I mean, they can’t play war in the middle of our communities and drop in at 3am, detonate explosives in urban areas, without affecting people. Something’s going to happen. People are going to be harmed. And that’s when some people will say enough is enough. And some of the Patriot groups… I predict that they will stand up… and I predict that there will be confrontation… and that could set off a chain reaction across the country.

To me, Jade Helm is a ‘push them over the edge’ kind of move. If you look at the personnel involved with Jade Helm…

On one hand you’ve got special operations forces, Green Beret, Navy Seals, and so forth.

Their job is basically pre-combat exercise. This is what they’re designed to do. They drop in to communities… they destroy command and control… and the second thing they do… and this is where Americans need to be concerned… they extract people… they either act as death squads and assassinate high value targets, or they kidnap them.

Why are they practicing to do this on American soil?

And then the second part of Jade Helm is you have the use of traditional forces like the 82nd Airborne. And the 82nd Airborne is traditional military and their job would be to encircle a particular area and enforce martial law.

So those are the two purposes as I see Jade Helm taking.

And I’m saying to the government, what have the people done to deserve this exercise being practiced against them?

They’re waiting for a provocative incident. There’s going to be a false-flag or a series of false flags.

My number one candidate for a false flag is an economic failure… and they can bring that about by a cyber attack upon the banks… Lord knows that FEMA and DHS, as well as the Federal Reserve, have practiced these events over and over and over.

Though officials completely deny any such possibility and have made it a point to attack conspiracy theories related to the operation, as Dave Hodges notes, the entire Jade Helm operation has been so compartmentalized that not even high level commanders know what is happening. Last month a contract working in Texas may have released some classified information about Jade Helm, suggesting that private residences will be commandeered, informants will be recruited and gestapo tactics will be used.

Combined with the documented evidence that the President has prepared a Doomsday Executive Order and that the military has been training specifically for economy collapse scenarios in recent years, even the most skeptical of observers are starting to question the real purpose of these maneuvers.

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