ALERT: Obama Now Forcing American Workers To Do The One Thing They NEVER Expected…


The American Dream is dying a little more on a daily basis, anyone but a liberal can see that. Sadly this is becoming the norm. Your choice is be laid off immediately, or receive severance for training your replacement. The outsourcing of American jobs is a strain on an already dying economy. Now we see that one of the largest toy store chains in the world is getting in on the greed train and shipping jobs abroad. These aren’t highly skilled workers they are being replaced by, they’re just cheaper.

Tata Consulting Services in India in 2011. Toys “R” Us used its workers to replace Americans. Credit Kainaz Amaria for The New York Times

Tata Consulting Services in India in 2011. Toys “R” Us used its workers to replace Americans. Credit Kainaz Amaria for The New York Times

 at The New York Times reports:

WAYNE, N.J. — When Congress designed temporary work visa programs, the idea was to bring in foreigners with specialized, hard-to-find skills who would help American companies grow, creating jobs to expand the economy. Now, though, some companies are bringing in workers on those visas to help move jobs out of the country.

For four weeks this spring, a young woman from India on a temporary visa sat elbow to elbow with an American accountant in a snug cubicle at the headquarters of Toys “R” Us here. The woman, an employee of a giant outsourcing company in India hired by Toys “R” Us, studied and recorded the accountant’s every keystroke, taking screen shots of her computer and detailed notes on how she issued payments for toys sold in the company’s megastores.


“She just pulled up a chair in front of my computer,” said the accountant, 49, who had worked for the company for more than 15 years. “She shadowed me everywhere, even to the ladies’ room.”

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By late June, eight workers from the outsourcing company, Tata Consultancy Services, or TCS, had produced intricate manuals for the jobs of 67 people, mainly in accounting. They then returned to India to train TCS workers to take over and perform those jobs there. The Toys “R” Us employees in New Jersey, many of whom had been at the company more than a decade, were laid off.


A temporary visa program known as H-1B allows American employers to hire foreign professionals with college degrees and “highly specialized knowledge,” mainly in science and technology, to meet their needs for particular skills. Employers, according to the federal guidelines, must sign a declaration that the foreign workers “will not adversely affect the working conditions” of Americans or lower their wages.

“After 30 years, it is very, very disappointing being told you are going to lose your job to a foreign country,” said one technology team member who is 49, and started with New York Life when he was 18.


Many tech workers facing layoffs are older, with years at the insurer. They were galled by executives’ statements that they were less qualified to learn the new systems than the foreign workers replacing them. “There are a lot of new technologies coming in all the time,” said an applications engineer in New York, who is 58 with 18 years at the company. “There is no reason at all we can’t do training for that.”

Let this sink in… Toys R Us flies in foreign workers on temporary, has them shadow American workers and then they TAKE OUR JOBS! In turn they outsource the American workers job to the country of the foreign worker, who essentially spied on the American worker. I’ll never shop there again, and with the holiday’s just around the corner, I urge every American to take their business elsewhere as well.

Let’s be honest people, these aren’t “highly skilled workers” replacing us, it’s cheaper labor. What will these companies do when the American economy fails, oh wait they have already left. It is all by design my fellow Americans, wake up. We are undoubtedly witnessing the fall of our once great nation through the redistribution of our wealth.


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