ALERT: Obama Puts U.S. Troops On Eating, Drinking Restrictions During Ramadan…



This is totally outrageous…



More Obama madness that no one seems to care about or report on. US soldiers have been put on drinking and eating restrictions in Southeast Asia during Ramadan… Are you fricking kidding me? 

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The Weekly Standard reported:


A top commander in southwest Asia reminded U.S military personnel stationed in Muslim countries in the Middle East of the restrictions placed on them during Ramadan. According to a report by the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Public Affairs, Brig. Gen. John Quintas, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing commander in Southwest Asia, said that the U.S. is “committed to the concepts of tolerance, freedom and diversity.” But he added that soldiers should “become more informed and appreciative of the traditions and history of the people in this region of the world… [R]emember we are guests here and that the host nation is our shoulder-to-shoulder, brothers and sisters in arms, risking their lives for our common cause to defeat terrorism.”

During the 30-day religious celebration of Ramadan, even non-Muslims are expected to obey local laws regarding eating, drinking, and using tobacco in public. Violators can be fined up to $685 or receive two months in jail. A spokesperson for United States Central Command [CENTCOM] said that “we are not aware of any specific instances of anyone being arrested” for such violations.

For military personnel outside of U.S.-controlled areas, the only exceptions for the rules are for those “performing strenuous labor.” Such personnel are “authorized to drink and consume as much food as they need to maintain proper hydration and energy.” It is unclear what constitutes “strenuous labor” or whether additional exceptions might be made during a heatwave affecting some areas of the region that has taken hundreds of lives.


So let’s get this straight. When our military is helping other countries they are ordered to respect their garbage traditions but when the Muslims or others are here washing their stinking feet in our sinks or suing us for discrimination etc we just kiss their asses? This is just totally outrageous- I truthfully feel that things here are just about at the boiling point. I hope I am wrong but I have never seen America in this shape my entire life, but what do you expect when you ‘elect’ a NWO puppet racist Muslim as the POTUS? Fricking idiots…


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  1. Carrie Barton says:

    This is what happens when Moslems are in the White House

    • More mis-truths…Obama is a christian just like his predecessor. Always has been. Funny thing is Obama is a very intelligent black man who has power and a lot of people have a problem with that.

      • Carrie Barton says:

        And the sky is green. You are right Obama is very smart, he is also a puppet. Obama is doing exactly what he is told to do. A Christian you say. Obama’s father is Moslem, therefore he is Moslem. He could change his religion but can’t change what you were born.

      • Well if he’s as intelligent as YOU say he is then he is COMPLETELY nefarious and is killing America by the numbers…..if you disagree with that then you are not very informed. Or you hate white people.


    (Time is running

    There is nothing in this country the government will not
    sell or give away!

    The main point is this. Our president is a socialist muslim With
    a UN socialistic NOW agenda.

    And a good part of our government are muslims with the same
    agenda. Their intent is to bring the USA down dividing the country along racial
    lines and destroying the economy. All
    that is required is enough strife and lawlessness in the country and there will
    be excuse to declare marshal law.

    (Notice to all countries) We have been infiltrated and the takeover
    in our country is imminent.

    No visas for Christian immigrants in muslim countries
    because they are Christians. (Muslim immigrants accepted). (Mass migration)

    The destruction of Israel as a nation making it totally

    The destruction of the Constitution and American might and
    trustworthiness among the nations.

    There is a RFID chip in your future so government can track
    and control you. A cashless society.

    Persecution of Christians and the Christian military
    personal that exhibit and practice their faith and a one world church.

    Perversion is readily acceptable and practiced while being
    forced into the military by government.

    Division of the country along racial lines (Divided and
    Conquer). Open borders.

    Total disarmament of the people is being pushed politically
    from the president’s office down.

    The complete implementation of EU, UN agenda 21, (sustainable

    A dictatorial government to regulate and control your life.

    ISLAM, GOVERNMENT and the socialistic UN and NWO.

    War and the failure of our economy guarantees (EVERYONE)
    will be affected. No escape and nowhere
    to run.

    A radical socialistic UN and a bought and paid for Republican
    and democratic government.

    (Rep. and Dems) want
    to import muslim people from Syria and other failed muslim countries (to the
    USA) by the Hundreds of Thousands. Open borders divide the country racially. They
    will slander anyone who disagrees with their agenda and I disagree. Furthermore
    I am saying enough is enough.

    It is past time to stand up as an Americans (UNITED) and ORGANIZED
    and put government in its proper CONSTITUTIONAL rightful place. NO MORE LAW
    LESSness. Freedom is not free and if the people fail to protect their God given
    rights they will have no more rights.

    If I had my way I would tell the UN to go to hell. It is the
    UN forcing these immigration issues in America through our treasonous government.
    Who are your representatives working for?
    (You or the UN)?

    Then I would round up
    every one of these Dems who are forcing this invasion on the American people
    and demand they are tried for treason. Those who were not convicted I would
    send to Syria or some other failed muslim hole. Let us see how long before the
    muslims remove their heads.


    I do not promote
    Islam in any country and for sure not in my own country where islams only
    concern has been to corrupt the system with more (TERROR) like sharia law and
    their barbaric RELIGION and political principles.

    You better wake up people this is nothing less than an
    invasion with the intent of destroying the country, (USA) the Christians, Jews
    and your way of life while promoting the socialistic NWO using Islam in the process
    of producing a world socialistic caliphate. .

    You want to face a knife at your throat or watch them rape
    your wife or daughter, just ignore these warnings and do nothing.

    Keep your guns, stock
    up on ammo and pray while growing in faith.
    If you do not have guns then buy one and get plenty of ammo with it. The
    first step to bringing down a country is to disarm as many of its people as
    possible. Unarmed people are helpless to stand against tyranny.


    Country these people have come into, (our) country and other
    countries are now being forced to accept duel government with islam and sharia
    law dividing the countries they immigrate into.
    Their intent to the host country is for the host country to support them.
    They do not assimilate into the countries they migrate into but settle
    separately often taking up to four wives. They procreate like rabbits letting
    the welfare systems take care of them. When they become strong enough
    demographically they infiltrate the political system and demand the countries
    adopt their life style and laws. Always the intent has been to divide and

    THIS stinks to hi heaven, AND I SAY ENOUGH. PAST TIME TO

    A muslim president and government are not acceptable or
    compatible in a Constitutional republic or democratic society. Muslim will not
    accept Constitutional law, as muslims they considering themselves
    to be above it.

    Your law and you yourselves are considered inferior and
    therefore you are to be subjugated as a slave or killed. (YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS

    I am a Christian and if this government thinks I will set
    quietly by and let them destroy my country and eventually destroy my family and
    myself I say NO!

    (ENOUGH) I am going to say lock and load America.

    I am not an animal and I am not going to be slaughtered like
    and animal or forced to accept islam or pay as a slave to live in my country.
    Nor am I going to set idly and do nothing while my family is set up for this
    satanic system.

    Americans for Americans.

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

  3. Lisa Whytock says:

    Fuck mohamid pedophile memory…piss on islam and all its fucking traditions.

  4. Devon LeGrand says:

    All this is saying is that the troops can’t break these laws in public. We have to follow the UCMJ and
    it states that we have to follow the laws of the country we’re in. Fines
    or prosecutions for breaking the law would be done by the host country.
    They even specify in the quotes that are posted that this is only for
    those outside of U.S controlled areas, and even then they have
    exceptions. In essence all the quotes say is “While we’re here, we have
    to follow their rules or their legal system will punish you, we’ll see
    what we can do about bending the rules for you when you’re off base, in
    the meantime, try to understand their culture and we’re they’re coming
    from.” The UCMJ has been around since 1775, it wouldn’t have been any
    different under any other president (who was never quoted in the
    article, so I don’t know why he’s in the title).

  5. I am so happy my service time is long past and I don’t have to serve under this illegal Kenyan Muslim Queer, Obama! I would tell this rectum sniffer to kiss my Heterosexual American Patriotic DisAbled Veteran Backside, but I would not ever serve under this Cowardly Tyrant! Our military needs to drag Obama from the WH onto the Front Lawn, in front of National TV, and execute him in front of camera’s, as a warning to all Tyrants of what will eventually happen to you if you go against We, the People! That would be True Justice!

    • Left out narcissistic bro

    • obadiahorthodox says:

      If you don’t like it bro, move to another country, i am fed up with people like you who believe lies and embarrass this great nation in front of the rest of the world. YOU ARE THE FILTHY TRAITOR.

      • So, you think that this rectum sniffing President is a loyal American? Have you even served in our Armed Forces? Or are you just a cowardly Leftist Twat that laps up all the UnAmerican Lying Vomit that the Gay Monkey spews? I bet guns scare you wimpy butt! Or are you a Homo Perverts like Obama? It is the Leftist Cowards who are the Traitors, child! Have you ever seen combat? Of course not, because your most likely writing from your gay lovers laptop from some perverted queer city like San Fran, huh? You Leftist Cowards are all the same, no brains or balls!

  6. GrimesGator says:

    This of course is most likely a Hoax

    • Just misinformed people who don’t like having a black president stirring the pot.

      • I don’t give a DAMN bout his color….and for the record dolt…he’s half white. He’s an evil POS and that is evident. To go ever further about your stupid RACIZT comment, Ben Carson is the ONLY candidate I trust and would instantly vote for right now. So blow your bullcrap elsewhere, it aint about the fraud in chief’s color

  7. Aaron Thornock says:

    I have deployed under two other presidents, my last deployment was in 2008 right before Obama took over. Point is, everytime I went over there, this rule was in effect. Good luck even finding some place open to sell food or drink before 4 pm I think it was. I watched the first Transformers movie at Seef Mall in Bahrain and couldn’t even get a drink at the theater. All the places that sold food or drink were closed. Our country isn’t largely based on one religion like countries in the Middle East. If we were, people would be outraged about that. But that means we don’t have those kind of rules to follow here and it also means we all have our own freedoms here. So this hugely biased article is incorrect as well as the ignorant responses that can’t even spell Muslim. I’m southern Baptist by the way and live in Florida so you can stop assuming I am biased. I didn’t vote for Obama but I have served in the military for 20 years and support whoever I work for. It doesn’t mean I agree, so don’t confuse that. But I am not ignorant like a lot of others on this topic.

    • Michael J says:

      Very well written and I totally agree. I spent 25 years in the Army (12 enlisted/13 officer) and have multiple deployments throughout the Middle East going back to 1990 and every time during Ramadon we were under the same stipulations that are mentioned in the article. I am not a Democrat nor did I vote for Obama but it goes to show how some organizations will distort or twist facts to further their own political bias and agendas. Oh and BTW, the President really has nothing to do with these rules and guidelines.

      Been there done that and know the truth.

      • Aaron Thornock says:

        Thank you for your service Michael. BTW, I am aware the President doesn’t control anything at all regarding this article, just merely stating that I support him as my “boss” since this article’s true intentions were to undermine him. I think the Ramadan thing is just a bad reason for anti Obama people to TRY and make him look bad. While he may have looked bad at times, this is not him obviously. People like Rodney that replied to me earlier tonight are proof of who the article is written for. This might as well be The Onion posting an article.

        • Michael J says:

          Aaron, thanks for the reply, my response was more for the other individuals that are clueless about the military and how it operates. Oh, and I loved your response to Rodney, it was right on point. BTW, thank you for your service, even if it was with the Navy. Ha!

    • Rodney McCarthy says:

      Appreciate your service, but even IF you are correct
      concerning this topic, I think you are ignorant, along with the leadership in

      We don’t have to depend on these camel jockeys for anything,
      and screw their holidays.

      And this is a Christian nation even IF others who come here
      don’t practice Christianity.

      • Aaron Thornock says:

        Thank you for your support Rodney. I AM correct on this topic. Anyone that has been overseas knows this. Saying this is a Christian nation is irrelevant because this article refers to servicemembers being in Middle Eastern countries during Ramadan. I can’t and won’t understand how someone such as yourself can call people ignorant in the same paragraph where you call a group of human beings “camel jockeys”. That is the epitome of ignorance. I will refrain form calling you ignorant and state that what you said is ignorant. Maybe you just need to revisit world history well before the United States came to be. Do you remember what this country was founded on? We are a young country compared to the people you apparently despise. Christianity goes by many names also. And saying or country is Christian is ignorant. I am Christian but would not say that is what we are. I would say we are a melting pot for all religions even if you don’t agree. That’s why we have freedom of religion. So maybe you should go somewhere and create a 100% Christian country. I will reiterate that while I may not always agree with leadership, and I do not blindly follow, I have to support leadership as it makes decisions and maybe mistakes along the way. Even now as a retired Sailor I will always feel this way. I will not assume you are not a veteran, maybe you are. I hope not and if you are I am glad to have not served beside you. Thank you for your support.

        • The majority of the people in the US are Christian. That makes us primarily Christian and because we are Christian, every other religion can also be practiced. Now we are becoming more secular, religious freedom is being pushed aside. As a Christian you know what is happening and why.

          • obadiahorthodox says:

            Yes, I know exactly what is happening and why. Fundamentalist Protestant Evangelical Christianity is declining because people realize that it is just as bad as Wahhabi Islam, both religions are bound by a book written by men, and normal people are getting fed up with religion dictating to society what is and is not “moral”.

          • Christianity is declining because the people are becoming more and more corrupt, immoral, and turning to carnal behavior. They picked between God and their own debauchery. Evil won. Won for now, but the day of reckoning is close. “And all will be on their knees, and God will say, I know you not and they will be dumped into the fire of hell along with Satan and his minion. (And minion are not the cute little yellow creatures)

  8. Keith Patterson says:

    Ramadan is not an American holiday. This is BS.

    • The directive says to be cognizant of rituals when OFF base. We do what we want when on base. Learn for your self instead of following what someone else writes for you to think.

  9. Posty_McPostsalot says:


  10. Kathleen Redman says:

    Obama is one sick man. Who knows…down the road he might have every American in this country forced into these same kinds of things…and we are not Muslim. He’ll make their caliphate spread throughout this whole country and put us all under sharia law. He is certainly not American in any way, shape or form. He is an Islamic Muslim with a head as big as the moon.

  11. Barbara Winters says:

    Obama, you idiot, these are American Troops, not Muslims. You cannot interfere with their treatment.

  12. If this is being done overseas and they cannot eat because places are closed (as one poster clamed) it’s different than not being fed on base. If they are being denied food on base, where the hell is the separation of Mosque and State crowd at the ACLU?

  13. These rules were just when the military were out in public. It IS their country. On the bases/posts they can eat what they want. You have to respect their culture when we occupy space when they are our hosts.

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