ALERT: Police Pull Over Truck Hauling Big Load Of Hay- That’s When They Make MAJOR DISCOVERY


With the southern border wide open thanks to the Biden REGIME where illegals can either just freely cross the border and get set free within a day or the App that illegals can use I am amazed by stories like this.

Why in the hell would illegals go to the trouble of being basically entombed in bales of hay and the other crazy crap they do to enter the USA when all they have to do is simply walk across the border?

There must be a reason.

Perhaps they are terrorists, child molesters, murderers or whatever.

Here’s the report:

LAREDO, Texas – Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Hebbronville Station intercepted a human smuggling attempt utilizing a trailer pulling hay bales in Hebbronville, Texas.

The event occurred on July 1, when Border Patrol agents encountered a pickup truck hauling hay bales on top of a flatbed trailer when it approached the primary inspection lane of the FM 1017 Border Patrol checkpoint.

Agents conducted a search of the hay bales and discovered people inside.

A total of 13 individuals were discovered hiding inside the hay bales.

Border Patrol agents transported the individuals to the Hebbronville Station for processing.

After record checks were conducted it was revealed that they were in the country illegally.

All the individuals were from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and will be processed accordingly.

HSI is investigating the case and will be prosecuting the driver for human smuggling.



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