ALERT: Shocking Details Revealed About Obama And California Shooter… This Is HUGE


Republican Sens. Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Ted Cruz of Texas are demanding that Obama administration officials release immigration records of the San Bernardino shooters, arguing that they are pertinent to the debate on funding Obama’s Syrian refugee program.

CBS News reported that the San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook’s Saudi-born wife, Tashfeen Malik, was “vetted” by Department of Homeland Security counter-terrorism screening. That’s right, this is the same “vetting” process that Obama and liberals are counting on to screen for terrorists coming in as ‘refugees.’

“In our struggle against terrorism, we are dealing with an enemy that has shown it is not only capable of bypassing U.S. screening, but of recruiting and radicalizing Muslim migrants after their entry to the United States,” the senators said in their letter to the Obama administration. “The recruitment of terrorists in the U.S. is not limited to adult migrants, but to their young children and to their U.S.-born children, which is why family immigration history is necessary to understand the nature of the threat.”

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The senator’s letter was sent to Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.


Last week Sessions’ office released 12 examples of refugees publicly implicated in terrorism in this year. In recent months the Alabama lawmaker and Sen. Ted Cruz have been pressing the Obama administration for information about the immigration histories of more than 70 individuals.


So far Obama has refused to release the information.

“In just the last year, refugees and other migrants admitted to the U.S. from Bosnia, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Kuwait and Bangladesh have been implicated in terrorist activity,” Sessions and Cruz said in a joint statement earlier this month.

“A response is not only long overdue, but urgent in light of a series of assaults, including: the heinous attacks in San Bernardino, California, the earlier attacks on the military recruiting center in Chattanooga, the Boston Bombing, and Congress’ imminent consideration of government funding legislation that would include funding for myriad immigration programs that have allowed for these events to occur.”

My good friend Sean Brown at Mad World News adds that the latest theory on how Farook became radicalized is that Malik, who had a Pakistani visa, was able to coerce him into giving his life to Allah, which is a scary thought in and of itself since it shows that even so-called “moderates” are able to be converted to the “dark side” of Islam. Even more frightening is that she did it on American soil, after she whizzed through the DHS vetting process, which is the very process we’re supposedly using on Syrian “refugees.”

Just think about that one for a second. The DHS couldn’t figure out this woman, who entered the nation on a fiancée visa, was radical and had ties to terror, yet they want us to trust they can determine whether or not people from a war-torn nation do? Yeah, okay. After seeing the sheer incompetence from this administration, I wouldn’t trust them to change a bulb on a strand of Christmas lights.


(H/T: BizPac Review)

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